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So I had an idea that’s been in my head for about 2 years now but what if people could comment on videos by sending voice notes. People could literally have a thread in the comments with voice notes or send a comment on a byte via voice note as an option


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This would totally change the game of social media in a way that’s YouTube and Instagram could copy us


I agree, but if they add then I’ll praise you forever! Something new & different!




Personally although it sounds cool I don’t think it’s a good idea :confused: simply because how do you filter the voice comments. Like Instagram as an exemple can block specific words from being said so if you let’s say you have an insecurity of any sort you can program all the words you don’t wanna hear. With this mode on if someone leaves a mean comment and on of those words pop up the comments getting instantly deleted. Although Byte doesn’t have this feature yet it be cool to have it. (Now that i think about it I think I might request for it actually :sweat_smile:)


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I get you but what if we amplify the idea and make make a programme where it detects what word your saying then it bans you from commenting voice notes. So if you use a certain word it detects it. @dom

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When free speech really means that and difficult definitions of words such as “hate speech” are clearly defined you can then move to audio stuff like this. Audio would be a moderation nightmare. I love the concept but it can not work today because of moderation issues. Idea? 10 out of 10. Challenge? Moderation. That is what I love about Byte: Creativity first. If everything flows through that this is going to be a great place to be. By the way the moderation in my view has been stellar on Byte. Be clear though… I love your idea and love the creative thought that went behind it. Audio moderation for the unclear stuff… too hard. LOVE the idea.


I too thought about moderation on the app when it comes this cos it’s gonna be an issue. Until we find technology that can handle voice notes we should keep it on hold. A system that accurately detects every word and approves the note in a minute could help but for now we might not have that tech to use. Imagine being called a racial slur via voice note would definitely hurt especially since people have burner accounts


The even harder part than you idea? Coming to agreement on what is and what is not ok. The hardest part of social media is finding unbiased moderation. Think about that… How hard is unbiased moderation?

Here is what that would look like: Take the political/religious views of leadership of a company and then ask them who are the 4 they respect the most that have polar opposite views to the ones they hold. I can dominate in this way because I relate well to people who hold differing views to mine easily. This is one of the key points that has me here.

I genuinely am seeing creativity here or I would have bailed the first day. CREATIVITY FIRST wins. If there is a creativity first culture of people HONORING genuine creativity what happens here will be world changing in an amazing way. I think that when creativity first is given the highest honor that will win. If you are busy HIGH HONORING creativity the load is taken off of moderation.


This is very sticky idea to deal with maybe one day we’ll tame it


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This idea is fire


Good idea but the team does not have people to moderate things like stories or dm’s and stuff. They are probably having a hard enough time as it is rn with some shady stuff as it is lol.