A topic of Utmost Importance

I have $16 left in my PayPal after buying these important glasses:


Choices Include

BUT THEY’RE TOO EXPENSIVE!!! So onsies are outta the option.

Ima let you guys decide, what should I spend my $16 on?

I have 100 on my amazon but idk what to buy, I need help too!! Also need some in my paypal (Spent 50 bucks buying trx) You should but the Onsie!

I’m thinking about it… It is essential for me and it seems like a smart business move.

My internet friend instagram.com/joelyaknow gained fame for being a shark- lemme link you
Steve Da Shark

The sunglasses are very cool

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Dang then that’s already taken :joy:

Ikr I saw them and was oddly intrigued by them

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You can be like roy purdy and have signature glasses,

Facts :joy: