A tool to easily make better Byte videos

Hello all,

My name is Nadal, I’m a recent software engineering graduate from UCSC. For the last couple years I’ve been working on a little side project that I wanted to share with all of you because a lot of the inspiration came from v*ne and it’s community.

I’ve been a big fan of social media and it’s power to connect and grow it’s audience and users, but where I saw some room for improvement was the process of creating a lot of the content that makes these networks thrive. The better the content, the more people will engage. It’s simple. That’s what made v*ne so successful. You guys. The content creators.

After watching many vners explain their rigorous and time consuming process of creating their vnes(some upwards of six hours!), I knew I could help- not just for the big guys, but for us little ones, the amateurs, the beginners, the dreamers who want to create amazing videos but just don’t know how or don’t have the time to!

So! I went on a quest to reinvent one of the greatest inventions of our time - the mobile camera! I wanted to combine the tasks of capturing and editing videos into one seamless process, as well as incorporate functionality that catered to you guys, v*ners!

And soooooooo! I did! I created an iOS app called Metronome! Here were some commons themes I found in popular v*nes that I wanted to be able to capture and allow my users to easily create:

  • record with and without music
  • have as many songs/sound effects in a single video.
  • be able to add songs/sound effects wherever in a single video.
  • be able to interchange scenes between recording with and without music.
  • add multiple filters to a single video.

And this is just the beginning! I have some more ideas and functionality I wanted to add to the app to allow you guys to easily create even better videos! BUT! It’s been hard, I haven’t had the time and resources to grow this project as much as I should!

Byte community, I ask for just two simple requests, when byte comes out, please use Metronome, it would be amazing to see my app used by the people I created it for! Lastly, if there are any developers interested in being a part of Metronome, hit the DM’s!

Thank you!

Product Hunt:

YouTube video:

App Store:

Twitter m:


  • To @dom for being a beta tester

P.S: we are NOT like tiktok!!! We are trying to create an app that aspires to be what I believe tiktok failed to do in building a video community.


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But it seems cool! I’ll have to try it out when i get the chance. Keep working hard dude!


Oops! Sorry!! You’re absolutely correct, this seems like a much better suited category!

Thank you! I’ll keep trying!!!


This seems like a cool and and interesting app. I’ll be sure to check it out in the app store. :+1:


Thank you! Much love :heart:!

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1 how many ads does it have
2 does it need to have the watermark of the video editor


Thanks for the response!

  1. there are zero ads :). I don’t make a dime off this app. I made it because I want to bring better content to the internet, and I believe this can be done if there are better and easier tools available for creators to do so!
  2. I do have a watermark, it’s simply to get the name out there. If the application starts to grow on its own, and people don’t like it, I will add a feature to remove and/or edit the watermark.

Awesome questions! Love it :heart:!

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This seems awesome! Could really help with bytes :smiley:


Aweee yeah that look pretty good, a great tool for anything :pancakes:


When will be in android?


I wanna try this out on Android but seeing it as you’re developing this app by yourself im presuming there wont be an android version in the near future?

Interesting! Will take a look. Personally usually go with Premiere Rush lately for short videos

Thank you @arf! Thats what I’m hoping it will do :heart:!

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Such a sweet thing to say @Sofialopezos! Thank you :heart: !

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Hopefully soon @DenisKurovec and @Reallyahmed. It doesn’t have so much to do with time as it does with getting a proof of concept. If/when I can see that people love Metronome, and my idea/app works great, I can make bigger and more daring moves to grow, such as developing an Android version!

@QuintenHyde Thank you! Premiere Rush is hands down an amazing piece of software, but I wanted to drive away from an intense post recording editing software style and provide an easy alternative that encapsulates both the recording and editing process in one! Plus! A lot of those features are rarely seen in v*nes(more so in short videos), so I wanted to just take the features people actually do use and simplify them ya know?

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Glad to hear it

Just downloaded it! Excited to give it a shot. Thanks!

Thank you! Much love :heart:!


i went to ucsc too but i dont have ios

Hopefully soon we’ll start planning for Android!

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