A thank you to Byte and Dom

I just wanted to say that right after I made the post about my loops being messed up because of recent beta updates, I immediately saw more updates start flowing in to try and fix that problem/better optimize the user’s upload choices.

For that I sincerely want to say thank you. I know work like this isn’t easy, isn’t quick, and requires a TON of trial and error. For everyone who gets these beta downloads, please give it time, there might be bugs still, but look at the software version: 0.5.3. If you don’t understand what that means, here’s quick summary: THE APP AINT COMPLETE!

I haven’t posted yet on the new updates as I have personally been struggling to find time and motivation to shoot, edit, and post my ideas. But to see after one post, which was just asking why it happened, @dom and the team immediately trying to fix those issues and make the app suit everyone’s needs and wants, is what really makes me happy.

Thank you Byte and Dom!

And for everyone still pushing out awesome content, and anyone I haven’t chatted to in a bit: thank you, and I hope you, your family, your friends, and your loved ones are all doing well!!


Thanks Ginger for saying what I’ve been feeling. The byte team really seemed to go all out for us. Much love


we are definitely all on same team here. much love to the entire team. :slight_smile:



I couldn’t agree more they really listen… my issues got fixed too right away… I really do love this app.