A survey (link inside)

lol, All our essays are completed :blush:

Damn same

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THANK YOU and dw i didnt tell anyone cause i forgot it was my birthday till i got to school ngl


Completed. Thanks!

Happy late late birthday :heart: I hope you had a great day :facepunch::boom:


Thank you so much and I did!!!


Done, Dom

This is gonna help in the beta selection, no doubt.

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I think this is for the team’s motivation. So I’m going to bump this up!!

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:umwtf: :neutral_face:

done all signed

b u m p|q m u d

Is it too late for me to join the closed beta for byte? I feel like i was way behind for a sign up for Byte.

There have been two beta signups here, both are closed, but from what we know it’s possible there will be another signup before the beta comes out

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Ok thanks.

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No problem, best way to know is definitely to be active here and the discord

There’s a third wave of beta? Who said that?

On the Twitter when the last signup was posted they said don’t worry there will be more

Did you hear that from Dom or the official byte Twitter? Sorry, I haven’t been active on Twitter and I just want to ensure that the information you’re providing is correct.

Was the byte Twitter if I remember right