A suggestion for the looping system

So here’s my idea. Dom mentioned on a thread that videos load slowly because the app downloads the entire video before it’s displayed. This making looping easier. Now he also mentioned that they’re implementing a new system where the videos play while they’re still downloading but this might affect loop quality or have the harsh cut that other video apps have. this is getting long let me get to the point :skull_and_crossbones: ok so what if we allow people to decide if they want the video to loop or not. Like a little option somewhere on the video editor where you can toggle looping on or off. This means that videos that don’t necessarily need to loop will load faster since it will use the new system that they’re testing and the loops that are usually short videos will still loop but load a little bit slower.


that’s the original thread Upcoming changes to video loading times and looping

That means someone could toggle on a 64 second video and it would have to load the whole thing before playing. That would be way too slow. People would just skip it because it was taking too long to load