A set of groups for the app

Hi guys, my name is Guilherme, I from Brazil and I got an idea to make a system of grupos on V2

The idea of the system is a greater union for the community;
The group system could have seals as they evolved within the app, as an example:
The group has a total of 100 members - great seal for community;
The group passed the mark of 10,000 loops joining all the members videos - seal of relevance to the people;
Groups would be a way for people to exchange experiences, skills, questions, and organize meetings, things that make people who like and want to talk about the same things get together.
The system would not have a ranking so there would not be an unnecessary dispute to get to the top.

The idea comes from watching video editing groups formed at Vine.

I hope you all enjoy, and please, if you can complement with your suggestions :smiley:


Are you refering the groups as in Teams?

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It does sound like alot of Teams

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Yes, but teams sound very competitive, so grupos is more ‘‘friendly’’


Yes, I know, but teams sound very competitive, so grupos is more ‘‘friendly’’ :slight_smile:

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Interesting but in my opinion, I feel like the word “Teams” , like you said is competitive and the competitive feeling will motivate people.


Is true, but on my mind, competitiveness in that system isnt going be something good, because the central idea was exchange experiences with the aim of helping all

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awesome sauceome, like the ideas!


great idea’s! Thanks for sharing

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Thankssss :smiley:

Thanksss :smiley:

I think either of them sound cool but I can see what you mean in a way

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Cool concept :slight_smile:

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