A serious topic about misogyny [TW: S*XUAL A**ULT]

Whilst this isnt about byte itself, the individuals responsible for this behaviour have made their way to byte, I have seen many of their comments. Take this as a warning and a small lil vent.

There is a user on tiktok, @nickfosterjokes, who makes multiple comments and videos making fun s*xual a**ult, objectifying women, etc. A tiktok feminist make, Jorobe, called out nick for these comments. Jorobe received thousands of death threats. He had to disable his comments. If you check jorobe’s instagram, there are so many incels hating on him and being misogynistic.

This shit hurts. Women AREN’T OBJECTS. It isnt “dark humour” to hate on women. Yalls support BLM but then hate on another oppressed minority? Smh.

I will add some of nickfoster’s screenshots and jorobe’s hate below.


I’m not sure about the specific example that you screenshot, but the original joke would probably be something you could report on byte. We’ve had instances of people making jokes like those here, and if I understand correctly they were taken down.


ppl don’t have dark humour they’re just assholes


So far byte has done a really amazing job at creating a space as safe as possible for everyone to create and be. So we just have to make sure if we see something horrible like this or similar, we report it to staff and try not to give it any attention at all- which includes rude comments towards the creator. Cause people who make content like that want any engagement possible, good or bad. Like… thats a grown ass man. He knows exactly what he’s doing.


I hate that guy

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I blocked him


Tiktok sucks ass

How tf does he have so many likes bruh if you see anything like this on Byte, report and message the Byte team about it!