A separate section for rebytes?

While I LOVE finding new creators via rebyte, I feel like my home feed is flooded with them to the point where I don’t see the people I’m actually following anymore.
It could be like a swipe to the left to see everyone’s rebytes, so it’s still on the homepage, just separate.

What do you think?


I think filters for sections would be a great idea in general, filters for notifications as well as the homepage would be a double whammy. Reddit does things like ‘Best of…’ then you can choose to filter by ‘The month, the day, the year, or of all time,’ and that would be a great way to organize Bytes in each section as well as home feed. That, and of course, filtering rebytes.

The same goes with notifications. I hope we’ll be able to filter things by comments, likes, or all. Because there are plenty of times I’ll miss someone pinging me in the comments because my Byte has too many notifications, so a way to organize things with a filter option would be nice.


I will repost this here:

I do not rebyte, but for very very rare occasions, and the reason is simple. People may like my videos, but they may not like what I like. The rebyte feature is making it hard for people to see the content from the people they want to see. I know this because it’s making it hard for me to see the people I want to see personally. And that may mean they are missing likes and it can be not only demoralizing for creators to see their numbers slip because simply following one new person can push the videos of people WAY down in the feed it seems, but also hard for people who simply want to be able to watch the people they want with out having to look them up all the time. The app is new, people don’t know how to use it well and they may not even know the names of the people they are following yet. And that is going to push people away in my view, if not it already is.



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I actually and I recently replied to a post about this

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