A quick 5min vid of my life. Tell me whatcha think



Wow I’m watching it rn and it’s super good Omg! Keep up the amazing work.

I actually really like the editing and the filter over the video :+1:t3:

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Can someone help me out here Iam helping my daughter play the new fortnight game save the world but it’s not letting her complete to next level it says complete the current campaign quest is there anyone tht can help us

Thanks for the feedback guys!

Subscribed, really great editing and I love the colours! Surprised you don’t have more subscribers but I have a feeling things will go well for you. Keep going :slight_smile:

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Thanks buddy! Means alot!!

I love your editing

I didn’t watch it now, but the miniature photo i like so much the quality, Did you use a filter?

Yeah i do use a filter haha. Tell me what u think when u watch it tho!

Awesome man, what camera you using?

I loved the editing. The video is pretty cool and entertaining too. Also, i subscribed to your channel. :smiley:

ayeee! thank you!

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Reminds me of an old Ricegum video

people get that vibe haha! hey u should subscribe!

how tf did you just get “kaleb” on insta lol

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Awesome video… dope editing skills