A question for senor pequenos


Do you play chess? It’s been featured in a few videos/instagram stories? Just curious.


I do actually or at least I did a ton back in middle & high school. Haven’t in awhile because nobody else plays but the board and pieces featured in my videos are a set I bought from a competition back in middle school I got fourth in lol I’m a nerd and I’m ok with it


I really don’t I’m a boomer


Well I won’t take down the king if I play against you :pleading_face:

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I absolutely would. No mercy.

I just need to learn how to play the game first. :thinking:


The savage side of Demi :joy::rofl:

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Cool! I still play a ton because I’m in high school, but lately it’s just been on chess.com

Do you know dictation? If you do, and you’re not too busy, I’d love to try and play a game over forums/instagram

Understand if not, just kinda missing chess club because no one I’m quarantined with plays.


I used to play chess once but I’ll be damned if I remember how to play it

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What’s dictation? And yeah it would be cool to on the weekends sometime maybe!


I like playing chess, took me a while to get the hang of it, but I would play with my family all the time because we all know how

Dictation is just how you write moves, makes it easier to play over the internet, as you can play throughout the day, even the week just by checking for the next move in messages

For example,

Means I moved my bishop to E4
It’s pretty straightforward, except when a capture happens you use an x, when a check happens you use a + and castling is O-O for king side or O-O-O for queen side.
Also knights are N because the king is K

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Oh yeah I know what dictation is, I thought you were saying there was a chess app or something called ‘dictation’

This is probably the best and most wholesome post I’ve seen on this forum. This should be more common. Just asking direct question publicly on a forum. Imma create a post with that right now

That was my reaction when I found out it was called dictation, too