A potentially major flaw in byte

I found this TikTok yesterday that might have pointed out a major flaw with byte that could hinder smaller byters. Basically, he says that the people at the top of the comedy page stay at the top because they have their own “rebyte groups” and they rebyte their own bytes to stay at the top (this would explain why people like Ollie and Senorpequenos just refuse to leave the comedy page). If that actually is happening, there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with that plan. The problem is that loophole makes it harder for smaller people (like myself) to get likes and features on the comedy page. Like I said, that may not actually be happening, but apparently there are people on byte rebyting their own bytes constantly, and it was also a problem on Vine. With all that said, I wanted to know if that’s true, that people are making rebyte groups, thus letting the “rich get richer.” I also wanted to bring this flaw to the attention of @dom so he can verify if it’s happening or could happen, and if there are any ways of preventing a problem like this from happening (by changing the algorithm or something like that).


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Yes, sir. It is true.


@HeyWhatsNew @ryanmccarley
Thanks for verifying my suspicions. Glad to see they’re making changes to improve the system. (Insert Thanos “perfectly balanced” joke here)


Yeah with bytes older predecessor the re share groups were the way to success. Now I think dom wants you to actually work for success rather than just knowing some people.


Since your question has been answered above and I’ll drop my statement about the video.

The video was released 1-26 this was the first week of the Byte release. However, a lot has changed as @HeyWhatsNew & @ryanmccarley pointed out.

I laughed and I found the video funny, but honestly, if you ask me I’ll say “that’s the energy we need.” We need TikTok creators to criticize Byte so it can bring potential traffic to the app, I know few Byte creators make fun of TikTok as well. It’s a win for Byte but I like this guy humor, hopefully, one day he will start making content on Byte.

Let’s have hope he does so!


Ya’ll should have a similar mindset to @Pac concerning this :grin:


I agree with your idea regarding criticism. Right now, any publicity is good publicity (that’s how the Paul brothers are so relevant). Plus, if the byte team sees the criticism, it means the app will improve


Hey dude! Yeah this has been under discussion for a while. Rebyte 4 rebyte groups definitely still exist and suck ass but there has at least been a growing awareness and stigma against them for a few months now, so a lot of them have dispersed. I can’t say for certain but I extremely doubt senor has ever used them. The key to getting more exposure honestly is to post A LOT and engage in the community A LOT. Post every day if you can and comment and talk with other creators in the app itself. I was in the beta for two months posting stuff before ever making it to the top of comedy or pop page. Not only is more engagement more enjoyable than just mindlessly scrolling through the app anyway, but you’ll create new friendships and people will often reciprocate the engagement.


I have TT and I use it. I don’t see a problem with video, he’s spitting facts about the past engagement groups!



Thank you dude for calling attention to this. It’s frustrating if you didn’t get into byte during the beta and are now leagues behind those who were in and are now at the top.

On the bright side, the Spotlight does feature smaller byte creators, because it’s hand picked, not by an algorithm


I’m a smallish creator on byte and I think the new algorithm has been doing great on my posts. I posted a video very late at night and it only got about 15-20 likes at the time. It still accumulates likes to this day. I also love the Spotlight page and such it gives opportunity for small people to grow. I do think the changes are overall really good.




It makes you think but there is no reason to second guess the app. It is in the beginning stages and we are kind of at the bottom of the totem pole. The only way now is up. Let’s just hope that one day they take it back and we have other creators coming thru and joining the community.