A possible good idea for the app tell me if y’all approve

Okay, so if you clicked on this thanks lol. But I kinda came up with the idea of (idk if someone has already mentioned it) making it to where you can rate bytes not necessarily a dislike button but kinda like on reddit where you can give gold, platinum, and other little achievements on someone’s post.(ofc you can still just like the post normally too) the only thing I wasn’t sure of is ik on reddit you have to spend REAL money to give out achievements like that, idk if THIS IDEA WAS USED if you you should have to pay for being able to give people achievements but I think it’d be kinda cool. Also if you’re against this then that’s fine just something that came off the top of my head, if you see this lmk what y’all think!:slightly_smiling_face::wink::man_shrugging:t5::pray:t5:


Yeah I kinda like the idea I feel like it could go both ways (better or worse that is) currently there’s a “dislike” type of button on the way where it doesn’t effect the videos growth but instead just hides videos like that to yourself and I feel like this could just be a variation of the same premise

HOWEVER if the video was that good and you wanna give a medal it should be behind a paywall so you need to leave a tip to the creator (and Byte should keep 30% of it of course for a bit of revue) however this shouldn’t be playing a role in the algorithm too much if even at all cause people will probably make other account and donating to themselves and then Byte becomes pay to win

Also do you mind if you a mod or myself changed the title to something less click baity? Just in case I wanna pull it up later it’s easier to find in the search


Yeah ofc y’all can definitely change the title lol SORRY it wasn’t meant to be click baity also thanks for the feedback!!! @Acadrien

Well I guess my post was so bad it got downvoted image


:joy::joy::joy: oh my gosh dude that insane :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: @CerealMemes

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I tried to change the title a little adjust it if you’d like​:ok_hand:t5::100:

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Sounds like a possible application of stars :star2: :eyes:

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Thanks :pray:t5: lol