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So there is a river down in mississippi, Usually i am lost in the scenery.
Imagine water flowing so softly down to the shore. Calmy, as i’ve never seen before.
I would never imagine such a beautiful sight. Down by the river, the sun shines bright.
Everyone doesn’t know that but me. After all, this could be a dream.
Tonight i run away to that beautiful dark place. Never returning back to where I stay.
I know that there’s no returning. Going back to that river, but actually joining.
Hello, there again, so called peace. Tonight, return to finally sleep.


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So insightful

I felt that.

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if you were a flower
you’d be yellow
because your soul is vibrant
and your love is mellow
but I do love it
when you close the door
your demon comes out
and you start to show more
the touch of your hand
trickles down my spine
and I feel your love
when I die inside

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Its stupidly stupid tho.

Dude, I can read that before this and that was actually beautiful. Please undo your revision so everyone can see it!

Cant do that

Yes u can

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I actually cant or wouldnt know how.

Mind if I do it

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Sure sir

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Sure sir sarrr

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Roses are Red
Violets are blue
I just got clickbaited
So did you

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Nah don’t feel like it

You betrayed my friendship D:

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imma bump this

Is that Shakespeare? :frowning::thinking:

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