A plea to the Byte Team about rebytes + Popular page

It pains me to make this post, but I feel I must because I care about this community and this app.

The Byte app has only been out for 5 days and already there are tons of “rebyte 4 rebyte” groups, the very thing that overtook Vine and made it awful. I get why people do it. They want followers and engagement on the videos they work hard to create. But it could be doing the exact opposite, and this post from the Byte forum explains why:

Dom tried to avoid abuse of the rebyte feature by not providing rebyte notifications and hiding rebytes from your own profile page. But it’s not working. As long as there is a ranked Popular page, people will try to game the system to get their videos on that Popular page, and rebytes are just one of the tools.

IMO, these r4r groups are already killing the soul of Byte just like they did on Vine. But even if you removed the rebyte feature completely, that wouldn’t solve the problem. I know the Byte team is working on improving algorithms to improve discovery for smaller creators, but as long as there’s a ranked Popular page, it won’t make much of a difference.

The solution is to remove the thing that is causing the cancer: the Popular page. Replace it with something similar to the For You page that TikTok uses. I dislike TikTok for many reasons, but the For You page is the best part of that app. It shows a random mix of popular videos along with other videos that you may like, some of which have only 5 likes or were posted two weeks ago. You can refresh the page and see a whole new list of videos. It’s hard to game that kind of system.

Full disclosure: I’m part of an r4r group. I don’t really like it, but it’s become a necessary evil. I’ve only done it for 3 days, but I’m already fatigued and reconsidering. The amount of time it consumes is time taken away from doing the fun stuff, like creating new videos or working on collaborations with other creators.

I hope the Byte team realizes that what’s going on right now is far from “creativity first.” But they need to act fast because the cancer is already spreading quickly.

UPDATE: I resigned from the r4r group I was a part of, and another one I was part of but never did anything with kicked me out when they saw my post on Instagram :laughing:


Today’s forums are loaded with this topic lmao. I also agree with Tom on this.


I also think the popular page should disappear and it should just be a “whats trending” that rotates out every few hours (like 4-6 hours). Cause I also hate seeing the same 10 posts in the top spots all day and I wanna see more bytes.


It’s been filling my feed in the popular page with a bunch of unfunny, unoriginal content and it’s become highly discouraging for creators trying to get their foot in the door. Imagine if someone was trying to hit the gym but everyone around them was using steroids to get a boost – how does that person even compete? It’s frustrating and already seemingly damaging the efforts the creator team has put into the algorithm.


cycling could help. There so little content on the app that showing more content might be the solution to fixing the spam problem. People black spammers and will be left with just new regular content.


I’m a big proponent for rebytes, and spotlighting other creators but the app has been open a few days now and it’s already being abused.

There should be some kind of rule of thumb. Maybe pick just pick the best 1-2 bytes from a creator? Space them out?

@bails that’s a great idea


I am assured that the team is aware of this and they’re working on something for smaller creators. Keep in mind it’s only been 5 days of this app being public, eventually the clout chase will die out. The popular page shouldn’t be to be blame in my opinion. It’s the rbr groups that can be toxic (not all, I enjoy that there’s people who want to help each other grow) and bringing awareness about that to the community of byte is important.


Yeah for sure, trending is a much better option.


Trending is really not much different from a ranked popular page though. The problem is the ranking itself. Everyone wants to be at the top. But if you randomize the order of popular videos and mix in some others, there is no top to compete for.


Me, personally being someone who has used rebyte groups in the past. I do agree with Tom that the popular page is what drives us into doing this, but it’s also the fact that it’s just really hard to compete with all these famous people who come on here if we don’t rebyte each other. I also believe that the popular page should be removed and a for you page should be added kind of like on tiktok, or at least improve the my mix tab and make it more visible. Besides that, I’m loving byte at the moment and dom is doing an amazing job :blush::sparkling_heart::pray:


I’ve barely opened the app today because of the amount of rebyte spam I was seeing.




That’s a good start, now just get rid of the Popular Now page and we’re talking.


I’m sad to admit that I’ve barely looked at the app much today as well. I feel a bit discouraged by all this right now.


I accruals like the popular page and the idea that people can see it personally, but if it’s causing so many issues should be removed.

Tbh, I don’t see a problem with smaller users all debuting each other and helping get an audience but it is the biggest people on the app debuting each other and getting to the popular page with no effort

I have also seen a lot of stolen content from these people which I could pull up from an old vine or from a tweet I saw a few weeks back.

I think the trending page should be hand picked perhaps? I suppose that’s hard considering there is so much.

A lot of the content also seems so forced, and lacks that kind of natural flow / pun energy vine had. Bout7 definitely the best guy out there rn


I love the idea of Popular2 :blush::sparkling_heart::partying_face::partying_face:

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Maybe instead of a Popular Page they can add some sort of Trending page like YouTube. Trending has no algorithm and it’s manually controlled by the company itself which is why it was very odd to see Logan Paul’s dead body video back in 2018 that video on trending like an actually employee did that :nauseated_face::face_vomiting: anyway I know Byte Team is better than that and all the social media’s out there. What do you think? Would you like a company controlled page or prefer them to just stick with algorithms?

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i agree with this

couldn’t agree more :raised_hands:t2: the algorithm they use for a “for you” type page will be key here but I have faith in the Byte team. Im sure they got some Machine Learning magic in the works.


okay now I’m seeing the picture- This ^^ should happen.