A New Idea For Profile Customization

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Hope everyone is okay first of all.

I wanted to tell you about an idea that It would be interested that the app could implement to improve profiles in a way as give users a way to identify with more things. In such a way I think that it would be good for users to add a photo or a gif that they like and identity themselves, as a background in the profile as well as colors that also are added.
It is an idea that I got from an app called triller, which I think that it would work very well on this app, in such a way as to make everyone feel identified with their profile and in such a way give people more knowledge of what you are like.
I made these designs of how it could be implemented:

Also through this I think it will be a good idea to implement this since it will provide a more variety of ways to customize the profiles and in that way it will make people identify with your profile as well as the profiles of the content creators.

I would like to see opinions about my opinion and in such a way we can brainstorm ideas that the app could implement if this idea is carried out.

This message is especially for: @dom

  • I hope you all like the idea :slightly_smiling_face:

im not sure about this because it could destroy the app partly

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Could be really cool or really distracting, I’m not sure. I like the idea though. Maybe not the gif part though


A major issue is text on gradient / images. It’s especially evident on active backgrounds. If this were to be implemented expect some ugly looking profile pages, unique and personalized but ugly non the less .


I would appreciate if you tell me why, to understand your argument.

I think that it’s the same as having a color, it would depend on what does the user likes and everyone could decide how they want their por file to be.
It could look like this:

in the byte format, it is just an option that everyone can have and everyone decides how they want the look of the profile.

  • it depends on the picture that the user uses and it would be the users choice if they want it to be distracting or not distracting.
  • I personally think that it would look really cool abously as what the user choices.

I think it will look good, obviously each person has an opinion that has to be respected.

  • each person will be able to decide how their page looks, is the user choice. You could use a color meanwhile someone else uses a picture.

Honestly, Byte should focus more on functionality at this point instead of the current cosmetic focus. Also, too much customization and you run the risk of overworking the app each time you visit an individual profile; there are only so many lines of code that can go into a thing, and this might be an idea that crosses that threshold.


@m3jcnv you are on point today!


k so what im thinking is that they’re working on all the other tools and perfecting them, and like adding small cosmetic changes to keep rolling out updates.

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Big brain

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Sorry but I don’t agree with you, as you are talking about giving the app more work to do. Yes they have to do improvements, but they also have to make more updates, this is a nice update as that’s my personal opinion.
how I had already mentioned it, users decide how they want their profile to look, yo don’t have to put a pic

Thank you :slight_smile:

You seem to live in this bubble where you post an idea and any dissenting comment gets the “it’s my personal opinion” treatment. I get that, it’s your opinion; opinions are fluid and we don’t have to agree on that. However, saying “I don’t agree with you” in terms of overworking a system with minute, and I’ll just say unnecessary cosmetic aesthetics, is ridiculous. Think in terms of plugging something into an outlet that demands a lot of power, but you already have three other things pulling from the same source - turn that new thing on, and you’re bound to blow the whole breaker. That’s nice that you “don’t agree” with me, but that’s just how these things work.

Also, here’s a thought: if you want to further personalize your profile, how’s about posting content to said profile that mirrors your personal preferences in entertainment or whatever else you want to create. Adding sparkles to a profile that has little to no content doesn’t escape the fact that the profile has little to no content.


No, you’re absolutely right, and that makes a lot of sense. Some of us are just impatient, is all. Plus, I understand that this post is merely an idea that may not gain any weight in the overall scheme of things; however, it does further add light to the fact that it seems the focus is more on the garnish (the “look” of an individual’s profile) than the actual entree itself (the posts and content within said profile).


the truth is that I don’t care what you think, I’m going to continue defending my opinion. you are not going to change it and I will continue to talk about this.
For me this is a great idea, many people will want to see what this app is about. If you can add a color, why you can not add a picture tha t represents you ?. it would be something similar to what the triller app does, but in the byte format.

People are going to put pictures of landscapes or something else, it depends on the person, and I personally think that it’s going to be a good update that the app could give.

you are the person who is in a bubble, who thinks that everything is wrong, who never wants to see changes in the app, that you want the app to stay as it is, you think that everything has to be to your liking and it’s not like that. And I think that because all the ideas that I have seen, they have all been criticized by you.

If you don’t like an idea, you shouldn’t care, why do you criticize, what do you gain?

Criticizing gains him the same thing that posting your ideas gains you. They’re two sides of the same coin.


I think we need to stop presenting every idea like we just invented the spoon. Not everything we suggest is an “instant hit”.

People have opinions, and sometimes we need to take a step back and understand what the critic is trying to say. They could be completely off on their opinion, too, but who are we to say without giving it any thought or consideration? Extract different viewpoints, go back to your original idea, and start tweaking it based off the feedback received.

At the end of the day, these forum posts and their replies are just suggestions. Take them with a grain of salt. On to the next one…


Adding a picture to the background of a video app gives a very cluttered appearance. If I purchase a painting it is very dense, with a lot going on in it, it is ideal for me to choose a frame of a solid color so as not to distract from the contents of the painting. How many televisions are there with ornate borders holding the television set in place? When you go to the movies is the background a photograph? Or is it a curtain/black background?

If your idea was to have the profile be a gradients I might be able to get behind that.

I would like to add that if you are going to suggest ideas, and by all means I think that is a good thing, you are going to have to learn to develop a thicker skin. Throwing a tantrum and calling people “negative” when they point out obvious flaws in your concept is really a petulant and silly way to conduct yourself. Take those criticisms back to the drawing board and use them as a fuel to come up with a better idea. It’s really tiresome watching you cry foul every time people don’t roll out the red carpet whenever you enter the conversation.


I was interested in this idea and I wanted to share it. I never expected people to speak ill of an idea that I have.