A new app called Cheez!

While I was looking through the playstore, I found an app called ‘Cheez’. It looks familiar to vne’s concept. As per the details, you’ve to upload funny videos and they’ll give you few bucks. Could it be another clone of vine? It has 5 million downloads, but I’m damn sure that it ain’t gonna be as famous as vne. Any thoughts? What do you think about this?Screenshot_2018-03-19-20-02-42


I’m sure that apps been around for a while , Not sure it would be too big of an issue. I remember when people were talking about it before, and about how its just a clone . More people want v2 im sure


Whoa! Is there any other thread relating to this app? :open_mouth:

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It’s not new, I tried it out a few months ago, but I think it’s been longer than that since the release… it’s cool because it allows you to put stickers and stuff on your videos.


never actually heard of it :thinking:

Seems cool. Did they owe you money?

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NOOOO not in any way, I just didn’t like it. I could only dream of being that famous :relieved::joy:

Haha! Why not? You may have some talents…:grin: And who knows, you could be famous one day!

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Why do people think that any new social media app nowadays is a clone of vine…


Because, some of them are using the concept of vine…

I don’t know

No they aren’t lol. Having a set time limit on video length is nothing new. Technically snapchat and instagram did the time limiting thing first. Vine were just more vocal about it.

Oh okay. My bad.

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The word Vine is not censored. And I don’t think this is really a problem.
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I had it for a while

I actually think Cheez is more comparable to musical.ly because of the full screen video ratio and same layout for likes, profile picture, caption, and such

I only downloaded it before from curiousity but never continued to make an account for it

Plus the length of their videos on Cheez (and musical.ly) surpasses 6.5 second limit, moreso like instagram’s


I never heard about that app, its amazing that have 5 million downloads and i never heard or see someone with the app. Yeah, i think that is similar to :vine: for the duration of the videos but nothing more

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