A money idea for the app

So, I have said bits and pieces of this idea in a few chats, and would just like amalgamate the concept on one page and hear some feedback.

So what if V2 in an attempt to raise revenue charged a tax for content creators once they reached a certain following. For example 100k followers means 10 cents per upload, 200k means 20 cents so and so forth. At the same time the creator is given the opportunity to have a crowd funding platform. So for example say somebody hits 100k followers.

Bob, as we’ll call him, is given a $0.10 tax to upload each video he wants. Now Bob doesn’t want to upload a bunch of content as it will set him back real cash, instead he chooses to only upload his best content. This gives more room to the smaller creators Jim and Joe who only have 100 followers.

At the same time Bob now has his fans donating money, allowing him to continue uploading, and he is making money without cutting into the profits of V2.

Just an idea and I want to hear what you guys think.


Many people made Monetizing ideas but I don’t agree with this man. Everyone would be focused on only making money. You don’t need to only make money THROUGH V2 there are other ways to monetize and make money. I have 162k on ig and i would hate if I started to pay tax tbh


I feel like charging people for uploading would be a little overboard. I mean, lets go back to Bob who has 100k followers. Now lets say Bob has come from a poor family, and they can barely support themselves. Bob (I would assume) would be trying to save his money to help him and his family, not to make videos for an app.

In a way, that would be like a pay-to-win type game, pay to gain more followers, and I just don’t think people would want to pay when they can go to Instagram/YouTube to upload their videos.

Just my thoughts though.


Not a super long paragraph but my thoughts are, why be focused on money?

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Except Bob receives funding from his followers. It isn’t out of pocket. Thats what the patreon system is for.

It’s an idea as I have seen so many people asking about ads and other things like how the app will support itself and it’s just an idea.

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I understand :slight_smile:

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Great thought though!!

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I think the best way is to have everyone Vimeo me 10 dollars


Okay, I see where you’re coming from now. In a way it makes sense what you’re saying, but I’m mostly thinking about like lesser earned people if that makes sense…?

Once again, just my opinion.

Great comedy! But don’t make it appear as if your serious. :joy:
Edit: people may flag you so be careful

Haha of course I’m not serious. The best way to make money is ad placement and product placement.

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I take it you don’t like my idea…:joy::rofl:

oof thanks for explaining in dm

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Oh that’s my personal opinion. Your idea makes sense in some aspect

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the idea is intruiging at the least, but quite complicated and would have to “require” money from the people who are considered “viewers” rather than it being a free service where no money will be required

and yes i do understand these people will be donating at their discretion

i am personally a fan of having product/brand deals because it completely squares the promoter and the company away from the service itself (which makes life for v2 easier)


Or we can just put up with some ads instead of a complicated system that charges some users but not others

It wouldn’t be charging people it is based on donations. To simplify it once you get big enough V2 allows you to get donations and takes a small percentage of that. It keeps the app clear of ads.

People would just use something else to get donations then because V2 would be taking money personally donated to an artist. Ads are really not that bad lol. Also the app needs to turn a profit and can’t just sit there waiting for donations from users.

I don’t think this is the way to go for v2. Most if not everyone who gets that popular on the app would just stop creating content and leave the app because they wouldn’t want to pay just to post. I think it would drive many many people away from v2.