A money idea for the app

If you are paid to be on the app why would you leave? If you are making money why go elsewhere?

I feel like the only way for money to be made on V2 is by sponsors, thats just an opinion though. I feel like money shouldn’t be made off of V2 though.

I feel like this is just going to discourage people from creating content on V2 if they have to pay to upload. Once they have a good enough following on V2, they’ll move over to another social network like Instagram and continue from there to avoid paying the upload fee.

I think it would be better to restrict access to monetization until you hit a certain number of followers (5k or something) and then give the creator the option to monetize. If they choose to do so, they can pick the brands they want to work with and do that through ads or something.

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I think a lot of the replies don’t understand that u won’t be giving money out of ur own pocket, you will be paying a small upload fee from the money you EARN from donations. While it sounds like it’s not going to be free to upload, it will actually help prevent the bigger creators from spamming the app with lots of content while giving opportunities for smaller users to grow and be recognised as they have more room to experiment freely.

But instead of charging for each upload maybe only charge the small fee per upload if the user uploads more than 2-3 videos/contents in a day? Because as said u want to prevent spamming but u also don’t want to discourage creators from posting because they will lose a bit of their income per post. Thus, allowing them to have 1-2 free posts everyday would be better.

I really don’t like ads and think this will be a better way to go about monitising the platform.


I’m actually super apreciative of this comment. That’s what I have said about 1098237 times now in IG DM’s and what not. I feel like people are only reading the top paragraph and then just not bothering to read the rest. Thanks for helping break this down.

And I like your idea of they get 1-2 free uploads, sounds perfect.


I dont really likes this idea to much. Takes away from the whole point, and many other social networks have a much better system.

I don’t think money should be made on v2

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I agree but the apps are getting money through your free content/clicks anyway.

Honestly I think the old videos were funny because people weren’t worrying about the monetary aspect. I don’t think there needs to be a monetary aspect now either.

Don’t forget - the V2 app is here for Fun. Not to earn money - just have fun with the app and maybe get some fame while it lasts. Don’t make it about money! Make it about your comedy, your fun! Use the talents I am sure you have to create an awesome video!

I just can’t agree with charging creators to upload there content.

But 10 cents is nothing. I think you should put it to at least 10 $ for it to work! Otherwise like the idea! :+1:t3: