A message to my fellow Gen Z's

Hi there!

My name is Jake Logan, aka J.Key on byte. I was born in 2002, so I’m a mid-old-something or another Gen Z like you guys.
A little bit about myself:
I’m quirky, I’m weird, I’m insecure, I struggle with life issues, I can be stubborn and snarky at times.

I apologize for my original misconceptions of seeing all of you as little turds who want to run everybody else off the platform. I shouldn’t have made that assumption, heck, nobody should make negative assumptions about a general population based off of some people’s actions (as my grandmother used to say “assume” is to make an ass out of u and me). :grin:

I can definitely see that there are many of you who are sad about the potential ban of TikTok and you want to find a new, safe, creative outlet. Well, you’ve fortunately come to the right place.
Here at byte we celebrate and promote creativity over popularity, and this is an even safer place than TikTok as you won’t get banned for being who you are! (that is, unless you’re physically harming other people, but that shouldn’t be an issue here)
I’ll speak for myself: I tried making content for YouTube for three years only to get little to no attention. Then I found byte this last January and everything changed. I met friends who shared similar creative goals to me. I found a place where I could finally enjoy making cool stuff alongside others.

byte really is only getting started as there’s a lot in store for the platform’s future, so I’d say it’s best to jump on the bandwagon now of all times.

And about the hateful comments: I understand that you guys deal with mental health and your own personal issues. However, taking your frustration and pain out on others isn’t going to help anybody, not you, not the victims, not anybody else. I speak from experience on this, as this kind of similar behavior just made me more miserable and depressed over time.
Yes, I know you guys have your silly fairy comments and ridiculousness. I also understand how saying “kill yourself” or teasing others can be an inside joke, but remember the “inside” part. People outside of your sphere aren’t going to understand and can many times take it very personally.
Therefore I recommend giving some grace to the OGs before doing that kind of joking with them. Get to know them a bit more. Maybe you guys will find something in common.

And if you just need a friend to help you through this transition, I can help! I’d love to get to know you guys and understand what you’re dealing with. I know I struggle with insecurity and self-doubt all of the time, so maybe we can start there and find some other common interests.

I hope you all enjoy your time on this platform, and I’ll try to see what you guys tend to like as sometimes I can have an “old-fashioned sense of humor.” Heck, I want to understand social media trends, so this influx of new users has really helped me understand your behavior and trends.
(If that last part sounded a bit suspicious, please don’t take it personally, I’m just quirky that’s all) :peace_symbol:

From an insecure boi,