A major bug still not fixed

Hi everyone. To this day I have not been able to go on Byte because of a bug with the login feature. Its almost like a ban to say the least. Every time I would log on it would say “Couldnt Load Timeline” and retry would just pop up the pop up again. If I were to make a new account there isnt any problem.
(I would make a new account but Im not trying to lose my 3 letter username.)


Bump. Since this is essentially a ban at this point I want fixed

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I think you might actually be banned and it’s not a bug.

Who knows. All I know is I never broken a rule and I was browsing Byte during an internet cut out

not a ban, try reinstalling

I did many times. Ive done everything in the book

Same this is happening to me I don’t know what happened it’s keeps saying login failed Tried to sign in with my bike Google account which I had like 99 followers and it didn’t work it keeps saying external server failed

There’s been a login glitch causing a lot of people issues. They’re working on it, but I know one guy got his account to work again by deleting the app, waiting 12 hours, and then reinstalling. I guess it reset something after that time.