A lot of rumors about Modern Warfare 4

There has been ALOT of rumors about MW4 being the next CALL OF DUTY to come out later this year. What are your guys opinion on this? I had a lot of fun with the previous Modern Warfare titles so I’m pretty excited and I haven’t been excited for a call of duty game in awhile so let’s see if the rumors are true . What about you guys?

(late night thoughts :thought_balloon::zzz:)

  • Meh
  • HYPE

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Haven’t played MW in ages


Same getting a fresh game would be awesome

Despite the drama surrounding MW4, I’ll be ready.

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Yup same here

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If it comes out, just know …

“Hey guys welcome back to another gameplay commentary”


I’ll make sure to watch :raised_hands:t2: :rofl:

I’m hyped for byte

I’ve never played any of the games so idk :neutral_face:

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Who isn’t? :raised_hands:t2:

Cod games arnt for everyone