A lodda moneys

So we talk a lot about of how v2 can make money, how can it be spent? Other than paying employees and application upkeep how would you guys like to see money re-injected into the community, not the app directly.


Uh, maybe some yearly events/meet ups dedicated and sponsored by v2?


I can agree with @rad

Would like to see money well spent.

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maybe a v2 button when receiving 1M followers just like the YouTube button, I think this would be cool… or maybe some kind of help for some charity.


Definitely appreciate the community and the artists. @rad and @vtor have good ideas. There should also be exclusive merch/items if you go to V2Con(do u like the name i made it up?!)


Love the ideas above!

I feel like this was already a thing but I can’t remember which social media network it was from but it would be cool if there was maybe a dedicated V2 house/loft type thing and every few months, a group of creators can visit for a week, collaborating on content and speaking with the staff face to face, to stay connected since i’ve read in the past communication wasn’t so great

and maybe once a year, v2 can hold a contest for smaller creators and a group of them will get a week in the house too!


thank you :aww:

Yes, I support that idea, especially if we are unable to pay for it out of pocket

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I was thinking instead of buttons, we should have trophies. Something like:

1mil followers = clear ‘V’ symbol standing up (or the beginning letter of the name of the app)
5mil followers = blue ‘V’ symbol standing up
10mil followers = Gold ‘V’ symbol standing up
20mil followers = Massive statue made out of marble or something with a ‘V’ symbol standing up.

These are a bit ridiculous so don’t take them seriously, but you get my point.