A little motivation for your day!

For those of you who follow and interact with me on Byte and on the Forums/discord, you may have noticed I’ve been stagnant lately…but for good reason! I’ve recently finished writing a 66 page research paper about marketing for The Coca-Cola Company and it has taught me something very important about life in general!

**No matter what you’re doing, do it with purpose and do it with focus! Sure, I disliked writing this 66 page behemoth, but looking back, it has taught me an important lesson!

Whether you’re in school, working, or just trying to figure your life out, you will one day come across tasks that don’t interest you or make sense and that’s okay! Take advantage of the opportunity and put your all into it because you just never know what you will get out of it!! Sometimes we dislike things because they are new or because we know very little about them, so I suggest you rise to the occasion and give every task you come across your all…you never know where your first attempt will lead you! :smile: :eyes:

ty for coming to my TED talk


Wise words : )

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Thank you! :smile:

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Great bruh, keep up the grind!


thank you!!

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Big ups broski :muscle:

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appreciate the love brother!! :sunglasses:

This needs to be a legit ted talk though my guy. Feel this :100:


Thank you my dude! Effort goes further than most people realize :smile: