A “likes” bug

So it’s been forcefully pointed out to me that if someone spams the like button on your video, the displayed likes actually go down. This is me using my iPhone 7 but I think this extends to the rest of the system.


that’s really weird. the like button seems to work right, liking on one tap and unliking on the next. i tried to force 2 unlikes in a row even that doesn’t create the same effect.

but, i do see one like on your video, despite the fact that the user list is much longer.

I meant repeatedly pressing on the like button rather than just liking and unliking a couple times.


I just tried this out and I don’t think its a glitch on android. But your likes are DEF gone. You can still see that more than one person liked it though if you click to open the usernames, but its currently displaying as 1 for me

maybe i’m understanding wrong, but no matter how fast or how many times you click the like button, it always likes then unlikes. on
musical.ly, something similar happened when liking a post in airplane mode, but airplane mode doesn’t seem to cause an issue on byte.

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