A letter to those who want to edit / beginner editors

Dear, you.


Hi, my name’s satan. satan claus. (my parents can’t spell santa. they should’ve just went with st. nick)
When v*ne was around, all i would watch was short, 6 second, looping edits. The comedy page was one I would visit often, just like all the users, but editing was where i made my home.

In 2013, I downloaded the app after my sister told me about it. I didn’t understand it at all. But as I scrolled through it, one vine came up. It was an edit. Of naruto. Now that was something I could understand. What captivated me was how the OP took scenes from this show I watched as a kid, and twisted them into his own short story. The lighting, effects, transitions, pan and cropping, scaling, all that jazz. But at the time, I didn’t understand what all came together to make this video. I just thought it looked cool.

So, I VM’ed the guy. I told him how much i appreciated his video, and I wanted to learn how to do it myself. He was a really cool guy, so he said, “Thank you! I’m glad you appreciate my video. So, you want to learn how to edit?” …or something like that. Of course I said yes, and then he told me to add him on skype. (remember that?) and we talked and talked, and he taught me tons about editing. He helped me think of a cool name cause I had to be a cool guy like him, and then, after learning everything he told me, I started to edit.

They sucked. A lot. They absolutely blowed. Terrible. Tons of problems.

But I didn’t care. I liked it, and that’s what mattered to me. I enjoyed making dumb videos and posting them online. Eventually, I got good at it, by using the advice he gave me. And I’m here to relay that to you, and I hope you can get some value out of it as well. If not, I hope you can tell me where I went wrong, and/or provide further insight so I can learn too!


<writing these advice points in live time, i didnt just post a prolgue without anything after it lol>

I’m an editor, a small one though.

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I love editing, but I’ll be more of a “on the camera” kinda byter



Don’t go out there and buy the most advanced software you can find without knowing a lick about editing. The first editing software I touched was iMovie.



> pros

  • Teaches you the fundamentals of editing

  • Very simple and intuitive

  • Perfect for basic editing, such as arranging clips and adding text and music

  • Free.


  • Very limited

  • Only on iOS (sorry androids!)

  • If you use one of the built-in transitions, everybody knows you used one of the built in transitions in iMovie.

This isn’t bad if you are making content that isn’t focused on fancy editing, but if you want to brand yourself as a cool guy editor, START with iMovie, but don’t stick with it.

Cute Cut (Pro)



Pro is in parenthesis because you don’t HAVE to buy the full version to learn what you need to, but if you plan on publishing your work made in Cute Cut anywhere, buying the full version will get rid of the annoying watermark.

( I do know a way of getting rid of the watermark by using an extra formatting app and changing the aspect ratio, but it does take more time and compresses the video more than if you were to just export it directly. If you don’t want to pay for the full version just to get rid of the watermark, message me on twitter @bytesatan -subtle plug- and I’ll fill you in. No, it’s not some jailbreak illegal hacker-man app not on the app store style pirate breaking into the mainframe scheme, it’s just an alternate way. )

Also, the free version lets you export videos longer than 30 seconds, but I don’t think that’ll be needed on Byte.


  • More freedom

  • you have more control over your video’s frame, there’s more options now and you even have control over your frame! Not a shocker for a seasoned editor, but if you’ve only been using iMovie, this frees you up a bit more.

  • Multiple timelines. Make as many as you want. I’m not stopping you.

  • Add one picture… on top of another! Endless possibilties. You can combine mutiple media into a single frame.


  • If you want the Pro version, you better cough up that $5.99. If you’re using this app just as a means to learn (which is the way I and many others used it before moving onto better software) then just get the free one and experiment!

  • Also limiting. If you want to be like your favorite editor who uses a ton of beautiful flowing effects, they don’t use Cute Cut. But I assure you they have! They started somewhere, and you need to too. There are quite a bit of features, but nothing fancy.

These are the first two I would recommend learning with, as you can learn on the go! Just record or upload a silly video and mess around with it. Next is a short list of editing software I recommend learning or messing with after mastering the previous two.

  1. Movavi

  2. VSDC

  3. Final Cut Pro

  4. Adobe Premiere Pro

When learning, I used all of these, and mastered them all before moving on to greater things. Why? They’re free.

Okay satan, cool, but why did you say to start small? Thank you for asking, i said to start small because becoming too ambitious when you aren’t a Picasso will lead to disappointment. Not to say you can’t make your masterpiece later, but start out with a short video and mess with it and learn through trial and error before planning a huge project.


pretty self explanatory.

I had a friend walk me through everything I know, and having someone teach you is often more helpful than getting frustrated with Google for not giving you the right answer. For example, if you need help- @BYTESATAN on twitter! ( and here of course :wink: )


Okay, not really, but it is necessary to learn! I absolutely hated editing at points. I would think to myself, “Why do I even care about learning this trash? Because I liked a naruto video? Are you kidding?” And then I’d think- No. I’m not kidding. You think I’m gonna give up cause I can’t figure out how to emulate some random guy’s twixtor settings and completely not make up something new? (don’t do that by the way- see the next point) Of course not! I’m gonna become the best editor ever! Believe it!

Now, did that happen? I mean… my heart was in the right place! And yours should be too! In anything you do! Frustration is fine, just power through it and i promise you’ll make the next viral byte!


Now I’m not bashing any of these editing practices, but make sure you use them in an inventive way.

I remember v*ne summer '16 in the editing scene, every single edit was the same thing. Sad/angry song, scaling, flickers, twixtor. It wasn’t hard to do. There were exceptions, to name a few were Kohhtenks, Psupac, Alex, and JadedHabits- all of which I believe still edit today.

(Alex will be hard to find cause of how simple his name was, but I’m sure you can find him through the other editors I mentioned)

Try mixing two tactics together, think about the tone you’re trying to deliver and incorporate that emotion visually, display your scenes in a certain manner that tells a STORY, and tells it in an interesting way. Don’t copy anyone.


Once you start getting into the more advanced software, don’t feel that you have to use any software you find uncomfortable to use. Personally, I hate AE. If I made the effort to learn it, I might enjoy it (I stopped editing after v*ne ended) but I’m a much bigger fan of SVP. But that’s my preference. Some people absolutely hate SVP. But you need to make sure that your understanding of the software you are using is what makes your edits stand out, because if you don’t know what you’re doing, your audience can tell.

thank you!

if you have any advice you’d like to share, please do! if you know where i went wrong, please let me know!


cool to see another editor from vine! do you still edit?

@january I don’t actually, I stopped editing after :vine: ended because that app is what sparked my interest, and after it was gone I didn’t have the interest anymore

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