A "Learn Tab" for EDU/Science/how-to videos!

I think something that would be rather popular would be a tab for content that is educational/informative. Making a “learn” tab might be a great way to pull in more science people, teachers, historians, how-tos, and so much more. It would be very different from a lot of the other categories and for that reason I think it has a lot of potential. I also think “Learn” would be a good name for it because it’s very open-ended. This is also partly because my stuff really does not fit anything but “Experimental” and “Pets” and I don’t think they are often looking to see my videos in the mix of these types of categories. Just a thought, thank you.


Yes, I really want this feature! I’m a biomolecular chemist and have been looking for ways to do low budget (and less time consuming) science communication outreach. I think Byte would be a good way to start!


I love your content :clap:t4:

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I’d love that!

This is a great idea!!!