A idea where you can repost a post you like

We all know twitter, it has this option where you can put any post and had it to your own ( retweeting ).
I think it’s the way to go for V2.
This would be a good way to express what you like, and share it.
It could also, make new people, be knowned by others, on a different account.


I like it, but you would have to give credits to the original owner if you repost it

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Who ? I did not copy

It would be good, but the original creator should be the main focus then underneath “reV2ed by Name” (or whatever the name will be).

I think she means giving credit to the person who made the video?

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Yeah something like that

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Yeah that’s what I meant

It’s a good way to get known

I really like that idea. It’s a great way to spread the content as wide as possible

Isn’t this like the revine option of the original vine app, it was fairly close to retweeting (posting other poeple content in your account with full credits

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Oh ! Yes :joy:

Yes, all views will count for the original creator

Okay (8 char)

like revining? hopefully thats an included feature!! it was used a lot in the original, so fingers crossed it makes it way back to V2 :slight_smile:

Yeah but it shouldnt be abused.