A Goodbye Paragraph

This is my opinion, so say what you want… idrc… thats your opinion

I feel like my perspective on things have changed.

I thought v2 was going to be the thing that will change my life and blah blah blah.
and now that I think of it, if I had never herd of v2 coming back, I would of been thinking of the plans I had for my future rather than these false hopes.

for me, I wanted to make edits and get recognized for that, but the bigger picture was that I wanted to be a author.
So why the hell have I been wasting my time on thinking of this way too much.

Also every time I come onto this cite I would just get negative vibes… idkw.

But honestly I have been wasting way too much time on this forum and this Idea of v2. and I’m honestly done and have had enough…

this whole thing is just too negative for me. its just the weird energy I get from this forum and it is too much to handle.

so all I have to say is

This is no hate to Dom and his hard work. This has nothing to do with Dom any way, its about me. I wish Dom happiness not the negativity on this forum.
sorry but true. :grimacing:


understood. sorry for the negative stuff…

hey you do you! I’m sure that whatever it is you create in the future as long as you give it passion and extreme effort you’ll make it!
The thing about hoping for an app to just change everything does ring a bell for me too, most people wouldn’t even see this thread because “I don’t want to be negative about it and the forum is still fun D:” but I completely understand your point. When I was younger I yearned to be a youtuber and during the course of +4 years I manage to get some basic equipment because nobody really believes in the YouTube dream. Now here comes 2018 and youtube has become a corporate media hack that doesn’t care about their non-pc creators, It’s really lame to see something that brought so many comunnities together and change lives of people for the better (or worse) become a soulless company but I sincerely think youtube is dying now and my guess is where the f am I going to do now???

Basically always expand your resume with anything you can on the social media influencer latter or anything you do. If you are going to be a writer, let’s say you want to do a teen dystopian trilogy, remember to learn to work with all the genres you think it’ll be the most unique or interesting! Personally I would go for a Coming-of-Age, Horror, Comedy…If that could even work lol.


I feel as if you’re not giving V2 a chance. Yes it is going to be postponed, but that doesnt mean its cancelled!

I understand that you might not feel as hyped from the news but at least wait for the app to be released then judge it. That way, you can see whether the app is truly right for you or not.


And lately the forum has been a bit negative, which i agree with

Yall can wait til v2 is out I’m Focusing on other stuff, who knows it could be in 5years til the app is out, no sir, am not waiting that damn long so peace out, yall can wait for it, but me I’m gone


You sumed up my opinion on this forum perfectly, i applaud you :clap::clap::clap:

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Why is this “Hype” This is offtopic.


Oh thanks for noticing :joy: I guess it does kind of fit into hype but it would seem more suitable in off-topic.

Changed to off-topic


I respect this! I wish you all the best for the future

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