A Game Center

What if there was a place on v2 to play multiplayer simple games? Nothing with heavy graphics. Maybe tic tac toe, card games, object search, word games, drawing or charade games? This could make people more friendly toward each other especially if they know each other from a game team.

maybe a third party thing, but dont think its much worth in the app itself :confused:


That would be nice

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Like game pigeon for iOS? It sounds like a fun idea

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I dont know if is neccesary

It will be fun but i dont know if the right option for app like V2

Tbh that sounds great :joy:

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I like it

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Necessary? Sprinkles aren’t necessary but we still get them :joy::+1::+1:image

Not aure about that, it could be fun but Idk if it would fit the app

hahaha :joy:

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