A Fresh Start

As a 15 year old, I was once on V*** at age 11. I was an idiot so my V***s were very, very cringe and stupid. I am prepared for a fresh start on Byte. I am looking forward to my future on Byte. WHAT ABOUT Y’ALL?


YAAAAASS, thank u, next bish!

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Man I feel like this but im 19 and was on vine at like 16 or something


I watched a lot of vines when I was 14 but never actually made vines, i did make youtube videos which were so cringe that I still think about them at 3am. I’m looking to actually producing funny quality vids on Byte.

Now 16, i remember vine from 2013 when i was 11/12. I dont think i ever made anything good but i regretted not using it more when it got shut down.


i only made like 6 :vine: s not many views but my first like was by a verified uk singer but i don’t remember his name though

I was too young and dumb to know what Vine was when it came out… I only heard and knew more about Vine after it died… however with byte, things will be different and I can’t wait.

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ahhh…i never was on vine and that was my biggest regret…hence why byte is my second-comin and a second chance for me to take advantage of my comedic nature and make something out of it!

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vine was my life honestly. from 2013 i had the app until the very end. id post cringey vids of me just not caring what i looked like or anything, theres like 1000😂 in august 2014 i began making dumb funny edits and took off from there. i was 16

missin those days in 2014 - start of 2016 a lot.

This is basically me.

okay so basically i discovered vine when i was 11 and fell in love with it I told my friends and we were going to download it the next day but it had turned into :vine: camera :pensive: since then :vine: has had a very special place in my heart and i can’t wait for byte to come out!

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I get what you mean. My embarrassing past mistakes randomly flicker through my mind at 4 am. I wish for the ground to swallow me up whole and erase my entire existence when it happens :joy::sob:

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I made v***s when I was 12/13 but now I think I’ve developed my own sense of humour enough for an audience so I’m very excited for byte