A few things we're thinking about

Hey all!

It’s our two week birthday and I want to share a few things we’re thinking about. :slight_smile:

Content Discovery & Algorithms

We are working very hard on a new algorithm to live alongside the following feed. This is our single biggest focus as a team at the moment.

For viewers, it will:

  1. Recommend you fresh content almost every time
  2. Learn about your tastes and gets better at recommending the more you use it
  3. Help you find creators you love

For creators, it will:

  1. Allow you to build an audience if you consistently make good content
  2. Place less emphasis on recency and reward all of your content
  3. Reduce the emphasis on trending in Explore sections

We are still working on this algorithm but hope to begin testing it in the next few weeks. This will be the first version and we anticipate that we’ll continue to improve it forever.

(By the way, that “less emphasis on recency” part is really important and includes any content you’re making now!)

Features & Improvements

There have been a ton of great suggestions for the app. Here’s a few things we’ll be adding over the next few weeks:

  • Hashtags
  • Follower/following counts you can toggle on and off in your profile
  • More profile customization
  • Grid view
  • Shareable profile pages on the web
  • Stereo audio on bytes
  • Self timer
  • Letting you open bytes from the web in the app
  • Better error handling
  • Lots of bug fixes

We have some really big features we’re starting to work on as well. As always, let us know what you’d like to see. :slight_smile:


We love rebytes but we agree with your feedback that they are being misused in certain cases. We’ll be making some changes to them soon. Specifically, we’ll be adding functionality that adjusts the rate at which rebytes go out to large groups of followers. We are also experimenting with where rebytes appear in your feed to ensure that you see more bytes from the people you follow first.

Partner Program

Thank you so much for the wonderful reception to our partner program (and ad) announcement. We’re working on a follow-up post to address some open questions and are getting the pieces into place to kick things off. Stay tuned for more on this soon.

How we’re doing

Honestly, we’re doing awesome. Despite the usual comedown that follows big launches, we’re 50x more active than we were a few weeks ago, the content is finding a voice, and the app is starting to show signs of real stickiness. We’re really excited to keep making it better.



We’d like to do a “live bulletin” with the community where we can answer some questions in a way that’s a little more dynamic than a forum. Maybe voice or video? We will figure out the exact format and share details. :call_me_hand:

That’s all for now! As always, thank you for being here with us. It means everything to us.

Dom + Team Byte






This is exciting :star_struck::star_struck:


This is great! So glad you guys keep up up to date, feels like we’re involved.


Great news! Thanks for updating us


Excited about the idea of all content mattering and not just brand new stuff, particularly as someone that doesn’t come up with great ideas every day.

Here’s some feedback on the improvement list, I’m open to feedback on my feedback.

Hashtags - People won’t stop asking for them, but it’s going to mean way more moderation is needed, making sure they’re not abused (accuracy and safety) Honestly was kind of hopeful that hashtags wouldn’t be around for a while, but hey, guess all the captions on videos are going to be #fyp #r4r #f4f #comedy for a while :slight_smile:

Follower/following display - Obviously needed to prevent people faking numbers (hopefully this will be presented in a way that will eliminate that) and also happy to hear it’ll be toggleable from the start. Don’t want people knowing I don’t really have 4.3 billion followers ugh

Profile customisation - Clearly this doesn’t mean more colours, since you wouldn’t know that’s going to be added :slight_smile: So I’m looking forward to seeing what it actually is cough please let me and only me have a gif avatar cough

Grid view - Not much to say about this really, guess if you wanted to make frame 1 of each video an image you could make a really big picture? Aside from that, just shows off your content in an easier way

Shareable pages - !!! Yes !!! Big yes, assuming it’ll just be byte.co/u/name, that’ll be really nice.

Got some other suggestions

For the app

Adding a tutorial? I wanted to make a whole thread about this but since this post is here I may as well just add it. Not sure how you feel about it but there are a few things that aren’t entirely clear to new people, eg ghost mode, stars, categories, and some kind of tutorial or even just tooltips would be good for clearing up how things work.

Privacy… please? I know it’s on the roadmap somewhere but when you do get to that point, I’d really like to see more options than just having your entire profile public or private. Enabling specific video privacy would mean people can effectively separate their videos between to their followers and to the public, or even to some kind of instagram ‘close friends’ style. I know this was a feature on the old app, so I’m hopeful you can find a way to make it work :slight_smile:

Rebytes… We really need to be able to hide rebytes from specific people. Not pointing any fingers at anyone specific, but it’s the same as certain people retweeting 100 things at a time that don’t really match the reason I follow them. I don’t particularly want a hard limit on them, since it would negatively impact people that are fairly using them, would prefer people abusing it to be given some kind of penalty? Honestly not a clue how that would work, but I’m just here to give thoughts!

I’m sure notification sorting is far down the line, as is follower searching, but I figured that I’d give some idea of what would be useful? I’d really like to be able to break down my notifications by the actual different types of notifications, rebytes, likes, comments and follows, but also to see who they’re coming from, as in being able to only show notifications from people I follow, or some kind of “Quality Filter:tm:

For the live bulletin

Obviously Discord, fast to gather people, easy for Q&A. However if that isn’t where you want to go, youtube live or twitch could work. I’m sure there are enough people within the community that are happy to help set something like that up, reach out lol

Lord this dragged on a bit, apologies

*team cark
it’s just me but it makes me feel better about myself
ps i like the lana gif
pps pleaaseeee use the separator from the website in forum posts, it looks really good, I put them in

Here lol

Byte Team Applications

To test how they looked :slight_smile:



But for real thats cool. Myself and many others really got some questions for the partner program :sunglasses::ok_hand:


Glad to hear the good news & progress on the growth. It’s going to be an amazing time with the Byte team :grin:


hell yeah! the new features and improvements list looks awesome. i think some sort of live audio bulletin would be really cool!


That’s a mighty fine feature list. Can’t wait to see where Byte goes! Been having a ton of fun creating, and it’s only going to get better :grin:


Any date on when this stuff goes live?




domcast confirmed? :eyes:


Yo these are some great algorithm changes Dom! I’m actually excited! Seriously, thank you! :slight_smile:


this is all so exciting! thank you dom & team for really valuing and considering our input! my favorite thing about byte is how it truly is creativity first; helping to reward hard work and creative content :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:


Can’t pinpoint an exact date, unfortunately. It won’t all happen at once and some of it is dependent on app approval times, etc. Promise we’ll release each thing as soon it’s ready and tested and approved. :slight_smile:


This is absolutely amazing. A lot of people in the community have been feeling some degree of creative burnout, me included, but this is a lawful reminder that it’s only been two weeks and yet we’re steamrolling through a bundle of extra changes and updates with the hard work from the Byte team. Thanks again for keeping us updated, Dom, we all appreciate what you and the team are doing to bring back the 6-second video format we all know and love, both as consumers and creators. <3


As a content creator who has loved this app so far, this has added more fuel to my flame of excitement. I can’t wait for the upcoming updates!


Bless up :pray: