A few ideas

Here are a few ideas that I think should be in byte. Sorry if I stole some from people :blush:


  • Banned comment words- the person who posted the byte can choose words or phrases that will instantly be deleted if posted in comments

  • Disabling comments- if the poster doesn’t want there to be comments on their byte, they can turn them off befor or after posting it

  • Posters can post polls in comments- I don’t really know if this is that good of an idea, but it would be interesting if the poster could include polls in their comments

  • Pinned comments- users can pin a comment


  • Pinned posts- you can pin a post to the top of your profile

  • Profile themes- you could have color themed backgrounds on your profile pages, so instead of being something just as white like Instagram, you could give your profile an extra flare by having different colors and maybe a few patterns (like stripes or dots)

  • Statistics page- instead of being like Instagram where you have the number of posts and everything in one place, you could have two, or maybe three pages (like YouTube) and have one for:

  1. Followers, name, and profile pics, and

  2. One for number of likes loops and affiliated links

  3. One for rebytes


absolutely love all these features, and if it cant be there during release, it dont matter, they could always do slow gradual updates featuring these features


yeah these are some cool features imo


not sure rebytes should have a separate page, surely would make them basically pointless?


i like this idea, although i’d like the commenter to be notified that their comment was deleted due to that word instead of the usual shadow ban


These features are cool man


Pinned posts is definitely a good idea


Idk, I kind of meant that on your profile, there could be a stream of bytes from you, and then another page of ones that you’ve rebyted.


Yeah, just incase people think that their comment just didn’t go through because of a bug or slow internet.

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hm i suppose i get you, but they wouldn’t have as much of a point surely?

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Yeah, idk. These were just some ideas that I thought of at night, so they might not be too useful or needed in the app. :joy:

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Whoa, I forgot this topic existed! Still relevant though