A feature that NEEDS to be in V2

External links! (ex.) being able to link Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc.


please add this @dom, unfortunately instagram still doesn’t let you add links in captions like what the heck.

Another thread here.

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@RayhartTwins are you guys able to give more info on this feature?

ayyyey would be beneficial to have that… id be abe to link videos websites etccc

Instagram allows you to add external links

I think that rather than being able to add random links to captions, as that could be quite easily abused, it might be better to have specific spaces to add social media links/handles directly onto your profile, and maybe one or two spaces for other external links, such as your own site or store.


Yep, its a thread with this idea

Like a way to upload to Facebook/Instagram from v2 aswell or what…

Not yet but when we can we will

I think it’s a great idea for people to be able to put specific links, because that makes it fairly black and white if someone is abusing the feature. For example, I’m thinking about all the spam on YouTube for dating websites or fake scholarships, etc.

huh, external links??? idk what tht is but i’d like to see ig let us add links in our captions so i don’t have to redirect people to my bio everytime.

Yeah instagram has that

unfortunately Instagram hasn’t added that yet, I have to put my new YouTube video links in my bio and tell people to go check my profile in the captioned of my photos.

It works for me


I have the latest update and everything, links aren’t working for me.

you can type it out and have the link there but when you click on the link it doesn’t take you to any website