A feasible idea for a /memes channel

Okay let me dive head first into this controversial topic, but we’ll have to address this eventually.

If you all remember, we had a hard time deciding what goes in the memes category and what doesn’t, and now we don’t have one. (Our discussions were in this post: https://community.byte.co/t/is-this-meme-category-material/) The term meme is so loosely defined that it makes the prospect of moderating it in the future a huge potential flash point. But I think there’s a legitimate way to give this a chance.

As a super-broad, tentative definition of a meme, they should generally:

  1. Make a reference to pop culture
  2. Hop onto a cultural trend or flash trend

Obviously, if you go to /funny, you see comedy jokes and skits mostly. If you go to /trash, you see that “raw wtf energy” bytes mostly. These are the only places the memes fit in, but we don’t see many memes there. So we need a place for memes, cuz right now, they’re present but hidden.

In retrospect, imo what we were really confused about was if the creator can be in the meme. Here’s what @dom said when memes category launched: “in very many cases you as a person are not a meme”. But I would argue that you can still be a PART of the meme byte. So The answer to our previous confusion is to make two channels:
/memes and /memeswithyou

Here’s some examples of what would go in each one:

https://byte.co/b/CMj5E3Pyk8m (I made this one, it includes another Byter who isn’t me)


A lot of the stuff made by @Furkanaibani and @gemikun would fit in /memeswithyou

I already made an entry for /memes in “suggest a channel“, but not /memewithyou. What do you think?


I don’t think i’m meme material :pleading_face::point_right:t4::point_left:t4: i just made those out of boredom lolol but i do like the idea of a /meme channel


A /memes channel should definitely be added


well we had one until the great purge. lol


Memes tend to use a lot of uncredited content. Could that be an issue?


That’s what I was thinking as well. I feel like for some comedy edits, especially the heavily edited ones, people should consider tagging the original creators of the videos, songs, etc. used in the byte. Also, in some of those byte links provided above, you can clearly see a watermark on it that’s different from the username so it’s a stolen meme edit from someone else. Perhaps that’s why that channel was scrapped cuz there can be a lot of shitposting there of someone else’s videos using someone else’s content lmao so copyright has the potential to run rampant in a meme channel. I actually really enjoyed the premise of it and used it once. It was fun and has lots of promise/potential, but I definitely saw lots of uncredited content and stolen memes which, I know this slogan is gone, but it’s not “creativity first” lol maybe with the added channels people can be more careful with what they put in a meme channel so I like the idea of bringing it back and now that there are mods for these channels, perhaps it can be modded well so that this stuff doesn’t happen again!


I think that creativity has to work with and remix what others have done before, even the most original famous paintings in the Louvre or highest grossing blockbusters all at least got inspiration from somewhere. Disney movies are just a bunch of animated remixes of fairy tales. I think the word Dom used for putting someone else’s art in your Byte was “sampling”, which should require you to give credit to the source material. There’s a difference between copy/pasting someone else’s video onto your account vs. editing it and remixing it. If we see a Byter literally download a byte and reupload onto their account, or make an edit without giving credit, moderators can remove the post from the channel.

Speaking of copyright, the potential for copyright claims in these memes is quite large. But hey, we got away with it for the most part in Vine, and memes on Reddit and Facebook have been around pretty much untouched, so I believe it’s worth a shot.

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That’s true! I think some of the sampling stuff can find a home in /foundfootage cuz the description there is “curated edits, montages and mashups from the archives” so meme edits could possibly be uploaded there.

I agree completely and in the /foundfootage channel, one of the rules is to “repurpose creatively”. I don’t wanna push this channel onto you, but after looking through it and reading the description/rules, I do feel as if it can be a home for certain memes. However, the lip syncing bytes you sent links of may not completely fall into /foundfootage and may require a channel of its own. I think the /memewithyou suggestion that you have could be great for those memes that wouldn’t necessarily fall into “mashups from the archives”. I really like the name and idea of that channel! I guess our opinions divide on whether the /meme channel should come back or if memes should just be posted in /foundfootage.


I like the idea :bulb:

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definitely want a memes channel back. i create meme content that doesn’t 100% fit anywhere else