A 'Favorites' Type Feature?

Not sure if this has been suggested or not but I think it’d be nice to mark someone you follow as a favorite and then when you do that their new Vines would appear at the top of your feed or even in a little tab by themselves along with other people you’ve favorited instead of being buried by other videos and having to scroll for it or search their username. Sort of like Twitters ‘While You Were Away’ thing they have but you have more of a choice in what you see there.


Just get a notification. So we keep the app simple.

just a simple notification would be nice, for me at least. however this idea is cool and intriguing.

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Yeah I get that it’d keep it simple but if you were to have notifications on for multiple people it’d begin to get annoying.

You may find this thread useful.

Go read and support it.

I had this idea and found this post so bumping again. I like the idea of a way to “star” or “favorite” specific people and either choose to be notified when they post or their new bytes appear at the top of your feed next time you open the app. I follow a lot of people so sometimes I miss specific people that post less often and I don’t want to miss them😩 Also could help with engagement potentially?