A Dislike Button

Now I know a lot of people have mixed feelings when it comes to a dislike button. However, I believe a dislike button would be a great feature to add. Here are my reasons (I’ll keep them short).

  1. Our competitors like Tiktok, Twitter and Instagram still do not have this feature. Though, some may argue that they don’t have this feature because they view it as a bad thing to add. But, I feel as though it’s something that’s essential for any social media app. So I can tell you a lot of people would be drawn to this app just because this feature exist.

  2. Helps content creators grow and deal with criticism. If you plan on growing as a creator and you want to make better content to put on YouTube this will prepare you for the hardships in the future.

  3. Something that vine didn’t have and shows that we really are different from our old predecessor. Me personally, I’m tired of people saying that we’re trying to “revive an already dead era”. We are trying to start a new one and by adding this dislike button that will tell people that.

These are my 3 reason I have many more but I wanted to keep this short. Please tell me how you feel about them and let me know if you’re for or against the idea of adding a “Dislike Button”.


Should there be an option to disable dislike; some people can’t handle criticism due to mental health. However, there are pros and cons to this feature


I strongly disagree, I think a ‘dislike’ button would ruin this amazing platform. For creators of all shapes and sizes it can be incredibly discouraging to see dislike notifications clogging up their feed. A ‘dislike’ button would only create a negative environment and I think that is the complete opposite of what makes Byte stand out from the rest of the social media crowd. If someone doesn’t like content, then don’t engage with or react to the content, it really is that simple. A ‘dislike’ button would also increase the risk of trolling and abuse.

Spread the positivity. :heart:


I’m not a big fan of the idea as it could be used in targeting against creators. There are plenty of IG groups that could abuse the feature. In theory it’s a great idea but I’m afraid what could go wrong.


nonononono lol

On your first point, I believe it’ll push people away from the app rather than bring them, and if it does bring people, it’ll be trolls who want to go and dislike people for no reason. Its not really essential to social media either. If people enjoy the video, like it and maybe follow. if they dont, simply move on. no need to add a down vote to that

There are better ways to get critique on your videos than dislikes. You can have a great video, but people people might not like you, so itll get spam disliked. With youtube, even tho I dont think they NEED the dislike button, it makes more sense there than on a six second video app.

Byte already has a lot, or atleast a lot of plans to be different from vine. Dislikes dont have to be it.


I think it’s something to consider or at least test out. Would you still be against the idea.

the idea is actually great! in the comments here I see that some of you are actually saying it’ll drive people away. I really don’t think it would, we as creators need to know the real. for example youtube has the dislike button & guess what? it’s striving isn’t it? yes. even with rotten tomatoes or ratings on movies! they have it.

people are TERRIFIED of the dislike button because they can’t take criticism at all, they think it’s BAD, it’s not in fact it’s just life. it’ll also let us know what the viewers WANT to see. you see what I did there? not only are you making videos because you love it, you’re making videos to please the eyes of millions and to spread your creativity to the world. correct? yes. so having a dislike button could be a thing or a feature of happy/sad/angry/etc… either or it’ll make the app nice & stand out.

but…that’s only my opinion, thanks Hundo for bringing this topic up!


People can take criticism, but the dislike button will be used in hateful ways. People will go and dislike every video of yours the same way they do on YouTube. Not a fan.


Thank you for you’re input on this greatly appreciate this :pray:t6:

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That’s what people do in the real world

If you have people coming up to you irl and saying that you are trash, along with other slurs there is an issue.


That’s not what I meant and you took it completely out of context…

I read a cnet article about facebook adding this option for some android users, but it was used for “offensive,” “misleading” and “off topic.” posts which could be more useful to creators and viewers on byte (if you’re using it that way).

but tbh, a clear dislike button wouldnt help with critiques. You’re not really giving any meaningful feedback.


Ah well, this rises once again.

  1. They don’t have it for a reason. If it was essential they would have it. It’s not essential, it’s incredibly detrimental to people’s mental health, that’s why platforms with sense don’t have one.

  2. Constructive criticism is comments and advice, not bombardment of dislikes. Dislikes don’t prepare you for anything, comments can be far more helpful and also hurtful, which is why they’re the most common method of actually showing how you feel.

  3. Vine didn’t have it for a reason, as stated above. Byte doesn’t have to be the opposite of vine to prove the point that it isn’t the same app. Might as well say oh well vine didn’t have livestreams so we may as well add that.

This notion of adding a dislike button to prove byte is different, or new and fancy, is quite frankly untrue and uninformed. See, reading all of this feedback gives you somewhere to go, whereas if we all just hit a dislike button you would have nothing to go on :slight_smile:


I’m not a fan of a dislike button not because feelings could be brushed, but I don’t find it an insightful tool for neither creators nor the programmers. There’s so many reasons why someone can dislike your video. I used to upload NBA player compilations on YT (which got purged years ago). I often favored lesser known players like say, James Johnson or Darren Collison. These often get the most dislikes because I make videos of “unknowns”. Though even with more popular players I’ll get dislikes, and I don’t know why. They didn’t like the player I covered? The quality of the video? I’m falling off? I need to do something new? I just know they didn’t like it.

I think the absence of a like is good enough as a “dislike” button.


Remember guys that this is a discussion. And Hundo I love your content and your continual participation in the community.

On that note, I’m extremely against a Dislike button. When I was on YouTube, I got discouraged when I got dislikes. I didn’t bat an eyelid when I got a shitty comment. What made it worse was that it was anonymous. It feels like people are anonymously graffitiing on your video.

As for point 2, what can a dislike button do to help you grow as a creator? I can leave a dislike on someone’s video and not say a single word, or I could also leave a comment saying why I didn’t. Which one would help you grow more?

Point 3… I really don’t think a dislike button is a competitive advantage… Shouldn’t we be starting a new era with the content, not by introducing an archaic feedback tool?

I know if it was introduced, I would have a much, much worse experience on Byte.

TL;DR, my opinion is that a dislike button is not criticism at all. Leaving a critical comment is criticism. It only opens up avenues to negativity, and there is literally nothing to be gained from it.


Nope nope NO


Whats the context then. Please elaborate as to what that means.

That’s what people do in the real world


I think it’s easy for big creators who constantly get on the popular page everyday and who are in multiple different groups to say that having a dislike button is a good idea cuz what could go wrong for them? They’ll just continue to ask their friends to like their videos and the dislike to like ratio will be great for them, but for smaller creators, you can’t really say the same. The ratio will be worse for them and people who barely get any likes now feel bad about themselves so imagine if they barely get any likes on top of getting dislikes too. That would be a mental health disaster for them. I think what the byte team wants to do is limit the amount of people comparing themselves to others, but if a dislike button is implemented, this would revert the team’s efforts and more people would stray away from the app. So all in all, this is not a good idea in my opinion.


gonna skip the replies and drop my own opinion, nah not a good feature, not here for a reason , too many trolling motherfuckas out there aswell