A detailed look over finding success on byte, by how to think about growing an audience. NEW TERMS AND REAL DATA!

Today marks my 2 month Byte anniversary. I am almost at 1 million loops, and 5,000K followers. All that said, why is this ‘STILL’ working out for me, and why can it work out for you too?

First of all, I just want to say that pessimism is a poison, never in history has it done much good. Either you push past it and find success, or you lose with it whether things would have worked out or not. Byte has potential and I am seeing a slow rebound. With that, I want to share some data you may find interesting and could help you.

Active Creators (ACs)

-Networking Active Creators (NACs)
-Byte Active Quiet Creators (BAQCs)
-Silent Active Creators (SACs)

Inactive Creators (ICs)

Non Creators (NCs)

I see a lot of people talk about how to make it on byte, but I wanted to form an approach with real data and useable terms. This does not talk about the video making side of all this, that is a topic for another day. This talks about understanding an audience itself.

I took a random sample of the last 100 people to follow me, back to back, over the past 2ish days. Of them, 56 or 56% did not have a single video (NCs), 10% had not posted in over a week (ICs), and 34% had posted within 7 days (ACs).

BUT, looking at my latest video as of writing this, Fact #99, the first 100 likes tell a different story. 18% did not have a single video (NCs), 4% had not posted in a week (ICs), and a whopping 78% people had posted in the last 7 days (ACs). Almost all of them within 2 days. So close to 80% of my likes, which boosts me in categories and gets NCs and ICs to follow me, as well as active creators.

  • What does this mean? Well, a few things, but there are two I want to talk about.

Active content creators (ACs) are the most valuable followers in this early stage of the app/your account, and they best aid you in getting your content to reach other active people than ICs and NCs.

Byte is a fast paced social app. It is made up of many people, a lot of whom do not post videos themselves. But what is great about it, is it does not take a lot of effort to support each other and it can have a large impact on all of us.

This means networking with other active creators is in fact one of the BEST investments of your time after making the videos themselves. So, look for places where other creators are congregating at the moment, discord being one of the best places so far outside the app.

Now, this calls for an investment, real connections need real conversations. If you want to network, you can’t simply give someone a little attention and expect they should be dedicated to you. Much like a house plant, you can’t water it once or twice and expect it to keep growing. Real connections, bring real dedication. People who network, need to be tended too.

This is why all the people who mostly hang in the “latest tab” to grow really don’t grow well. Because you need people to care about you and your content, not just your content, to get them coming back to you and byte. And often you run into SCs, silent creators who post but don’t interact at all with people who reach out to them. They may watch but never like your content by definition.

I did the whole “comment on a ton of latest videos.” It does work though only a little, but the effort is not worth the pay off after a point. You may get a follower here or there, but it’s not a great place to get consistent likes because it’s not a great place for, “real connections.” Why, because the byte comment section makes it hard to have a real conversation with people and I am sure you are not going to actively follow all the people you reach out to on latest, most don’t want to network. One comment on their single new video is neat, but not much more.

Out of the 78 active content creators who liked my Fact #99 video from the 100 people sample size, only 4 are from videos that I commented on from latest. That is after close to 100-200 or so comments over two months.

Now, does that mean you should not comment on the latest video tab? No, it’s my favorite tab! I like to comment there because I like to encourage and connect with new people even if they are not going to follow me, and I like to test out jokes. But it’s not a great place to grow, especially for you numbskulls that don’t comment anything of substance and just copy and paste generic crap almost anyone can see through. I would guess they would have worse results from it too. It’s not a bad place to find short term dedication, but often not long term.

Of the 78 active likes, 28 were from people I have talked to at least once. Of that 8 are from people I have collaborated with. All of them are more or less NACs, these are people who network, comment, collaborate with, and you may talk to outside of byte.

So then, who are the other 41 quiet people? I call them BAQCs (Byte active quiet creators.) The BAQC’s got your back, often dishing out a lot of the likes on the platform.

They are the rare few you find in the latest tab. People who do not need you to talk to them, and will support you. They like to create on the app, but they also really love watching other people. BAQCs are the best people we (NACs) often introduce to new people when we collaborate and rebyte each other’s videos. BAQCs seem to be a big share of Byte’s activity, in the context of likes, right now because most people who are only or mostly content consumers NCs left or just don’t give many likes. But people who like to use the app for their own videos and other peoples videos even if they personally are not getting a lot of traction, they are a big part of my and I would guess most people here’s success. And the best part, they are often looking for more people to follow.

To grow on byte, one often needs to be a NAC or just a combo of lucky and talented. You need to network. Do that by getting involved on services where a lot of us hang, or reach out to individuals on other platforms. Often talking about a collaboration is a great icebreaker. Though, being really active on the comment section of a creator can help open later conversations too.

When you start building relations with other content creators who network, you may often find you both start actively giving likes to each other’s videos. With enough networking, you may pick up a few more people, and with that start being introduced to each other’s BAQCs, along with some ICs and NCs.

It’s a really good idea to think about connecting with people not just in your category, because there are also BAQCs in other communities that may like your stuff, and vis versa. Please know, that the more content creators that the people who follow you like, the more likely they will keep coming back to you too, keeping them on byte. That is why a lot of us doing well, can compound!!! And supporting people in other categories is good for byte too!!!

Once you start getting good amount of likes, really think about ways to get your name out. It’s good to be grounded and realistic. When you connect with people, follow them and give their stuff likes. Spoof people, reply to people, collaborate with people, do things to get noticed, and forge a relationship.

Understand that the more we can offer to BAQCs, the more they will stick around and the more of our stuff they will like. And it’s mostly through their support you will pick up ICs and NCs, some of which will often like your content. And you may get the notice of other creators NACs.

There is a LOT to unpack here. This is just think about audiences. I could go on and on, but I wanted to introduce people to data, terms, and ideas to help us talk about all this better.

I can’t tell you how to network within itself other than some basic tips, but I hope I can show you its importance! My numbers are getting better, and it’s thanks to understanding this.

I may update this to reflect new ideas and such, so keep an eye out





Appreciate the response Think, always love your data driven insights. And congratulations! Love your content, and you’re doing something literally no one else is.

Just wanted to add a small touch to your thoughts - bad content won’t succeed, no matter how much anyone pushes it. It could get to like top 50 or 100 or whatever if you have inorganic support. But when this app blows up, you’d best believe it’s the best content that will get pushed to the top.

So focus on making good stuff guys.


I somewhat can agree with this.

Overall, congratulations on your milestone. Your work, craft, and achievements don’t go unnoticed you deserve it pal. ThinkFact :slightly_smiling_face:


This is so interesting to me. I considered getting on discord, but was concerned I’d find drama(which I only enjoy in 6 second loops :wink:). However, I actually do want to connect with people, grow as a byte creator, and possibly make it into the partnership program one day. I’ll definitely check out discord, and also make a better effort overall at real connections with fellow creators. Thank you for sharing your findings!


I know what you want to say and I agree LOL.


I really enjoyed reading this. A lot of this is how you’d imagine it to go, but it is AWESOME to see it in actual numbers and real data. I think the genuineness of one’s activeness is important as well. For example, as you mentioned…generic comments/replies…they’re obvious and noted. If you can’t be humble and kind now when an app is new and smaller in number, why would anyone want to support you down the road? I think the majority of people active on the app take mental notes of who is real and who is not, and I think that matters. I’ve only been on the app for a couple of weeks, but I think I’m getting a good grasp on who is who in a short amount of time (thanks in large part to all this free time lol). The good news is, a large amount of people on Byte are all the good things…and you’re right in that those are the people we should be gaining a connection with in the early stages. Nicely done!