A cool addition!

now before i suggest this idea, let me just say im pro Bytes being a maximum of 6.5 seconds long. I like the nostaligia feel Byte gives off from Vine. A suggestion i’m looking forward to the future, not really now though is live. Kind of the same way other platforms do it.

Now hear me out, the reason i say not now but in the future is more due to this app ratio currently being more creators than ACTIVE CONSISTENT viewers. (at least the way i see it lol) When this app starts generating traction, so will that ratio. I feel that a live addition to Byte in the FUTURE will get creators much closer to their followers and show viewers a different side to the creators they followers for more than just 6 seconds.

This i feel doesn’t really alter any nostalgia to the Byte feel but is an addition i think would be cool later on.

IDK if i posted this in the right section of the community forum, i hope i did.

(sorry is there are grammatical errors in this post, i was half asleep when i wrote this :joy:)


I think that is a great idea. It would give us creators a better way to connect with our fans!

Live streaming
V2 Live and Live Videos
Dom, I know there are a lot of other features that you’re adding but, I took my time on this picture/screenshot, I hope you like it. I CALL IT, byte live (not a very creative name):star_struck:

Hey guys! This topic has been discussed multiple times here on the forums. Please be sure to search for other threads related to your topic before posting about it! :blush:

Love this idea, but as mentioned by @J.Key It has been talked about before.