A 'Connect' Tab

What if there was a tab where artists who have liked similar things, are following mutual people, or are just following eachother and post similar content, could interact and plan some sort of collaboration together. Like, if I were to post videos relating to apples (just being used as a hypothetical, I doubt that there’s really a niche dedicated to fruit) , and I followed a bunch of of artists who make apple-related videos, it could show me some people that have similar-sized followings to me and some mutuals that also make apple-related videos who would make a good fit to interact with.


If V2 has a “Discover” Tab like IG where you see similar posts depending on what you have liked then what you’re saying is the same.
You can easily contact them and plan something or create a group chat.


Instagram’s “Discover” tab works great for finding people to follow, but what it’s missing is the ability to find artists who have a similar number of followers to you, and I think that is where the “Connect” tab could stand out. I think a “Connect” tab should focus more on collaboration than the “Discover” tab does.

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good idea on how to make it easier for us to find people with the same interest/post in one area. You could have a sort of group chat where we can all talk about the shared interest and the videos where everyone with the interest can read an post?

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That’s why we’re having something like °Artist On the Rise. Where you can find users with the same amount of followers.

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Check this Idea out

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The connect tab would be a great way to discover new/underknown creators.

  1. The tab would learn from your interests, what types of creators you watch and the type of content.
    2.It wouldn’t be popular stuff. Yes the occasional popular post should be there, but it would best be unknown creators.
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i think it would be cool to have connect tab because it would help many peoples in many ways and we would get chance to see new people and learn something new i guess

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Like YouTube?