A Chrispy Goodbyte


I think it’s the weakest of weak-ass sauces that the forums are shutting down. I know the forums were an “experiment“ but I felt that they were an effective means of communication w/the team and eachother and wish more companies had this kind of open channel.

While I’m cautiously optimistic about bytes future, nothing can compare to how much fun I had during beta and the first 7-8 months after release.

You are all beautiful creatures of divine light, and I know you’re going to miss me terribly…but not nearly as much as I’ll miss you.

Thank you for everything. Always remember: Onkel Chrispy loves you.

(Clarification: this is a goodbye to the forms not to the app)


Are you not going to be posting on Clysh anymore?


Wait, why will we miss you, are you leaving the app, too? I hope not!

Same. Especially the closed beta period, that was the most fun time on Byte for me.


Wait… is this a good bye to the forums or are you not joining us on the dark side? cause if it’s the later I will miss you so much & glad we had the opportunity to reconnect since vine days much love xxx

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I’m sorry guys lol!! This is a goodbye to the forums!! Sorry for the misunderstanding!!


Love you too, Onkel. Thanks for being one of the best, most stand-up, and open members of the community. I hope you continue to create for as long as you’re alive and you enjoy every second of it. Love ya man.

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Thanks for such kind worlds @arf you’re awesome!! Much love brother!!

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It’s 12am here in :uk: and it’s still here… OMG YESS!!! Jk… :sob:

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