A category for the furryfandom

(i posted this idea in a another thread since i was unable to start new threads)

Hi there,

First of all, what a nice app. I hope it will succeed

Second thing, i would like to see a category for the furry fandom. Since a lot of members in the furry fandom are signing up for this app.


This man got flagged for saying bruh


Yes he did


Yeh, it should be fine aslong as everyone follows guidelines. Including people being edgy against furries, or the darker, pervy side of the fandom.
If anything with enough people using furry tags or whatever, it would probably get it’s own channel eventually.

Inb4 Gamers VS Furries part 2


i think itd be better if there was a costuming/cosplay category since fursuiting and cosplay are so similar


So if you were to see a catergory for the furry fandom what would your stance be on it having some sort of age restriction due to the app is open to children as young as 13 and for all intents and purposes the fur fandom is a sexual entity.

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I don’t think the furry fandom needs its own whole category. I think hashtags would be better personally.


agreed, hashtags are probably the best way of going about it. according to other threads hashtags are currently being worked on, not sure how long it’ll be til they’e implemented though


I agree with your idea!

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Just for any of you who didn’t see, this will most likely fit into a cosplay channel at some point, rather than being exclusively for furry content lol


Not a furry myself, but the furry fandom is not inherently sexual. There is a lot of that, yes, but in and of itself, furry things exist without any conection to sex


Would go so far as to say MOST furry content isn’t sexual at all. Hell of a lot of misconceptions but you’re spot on about there being nothing inherently sexual about it. I think some people probably need to do some actual research before trying to influence this kind of discussion lol


I’m the one of furries group on here.

I too want to see how this category can be added.

any mods in here your thoughts?