A Bit Of My Creative Process (For Anyone That Needs Encouragement)

Disclaimer: Hey, guy, I’m not a pro, nor is my IQ above 10, but this is what works for me, so reader discretion advised.

Hey, luv

Having a good day? I can’t hear you, but I’m okay. I’m also not gonna intro you. So let’s just jump right into that juicy :clap:t5: content :clap:t5: .

Believe EVERYTHING Can Be Made Into A Bit

Or should I say Byte, haha (oh no, did I lose some readers from that?).
On topic, I was driving down the highway yesterday, and, yknow, the sky was lookin pretty :fire:, as ushe, but then I noticed a plunger off the side of the road, and that was the BASE idea of that Byte I made called Burglars Always Show Up At The Worst Times, Amirite? From seeing a plunger [in my mind] I went from what else can you do with a plunger other than, just, plunge sh**t, to it would be SO funny to see somebody holding it as a baseball bat, to oh my god, the only time you’d have to defend yourself with a plunger is if you are on the toilet, just ran completely dry of Charmin Ultra Strong, and a freakin bad guy (a burglar) just happens to show up. All that… from a F**King Plunger, my dude!

TL;DR The world’s your oyster. Pretty much anything can be your prop.

Burglars Always Show Up At The Worst Times, Amirite?


Don’t Dwell On A Title For The Video!

You’re gonna put yourself in a box! Don’t Do That. Go sit in the corner! You want your mind to roam free through the fields of imagination :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t5::rainbow::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t5:. The last thing you should want to do is confine yourself. And then AFTER you got your idea and video down, base the title off of what you just made. You can make the title something Relatable, or the main Joke/Punch Line, or even something artsy farsty, bruv, but make it uniquely you.

TL;DR When you focus down on a singular word, you cut off so many good opportunities.

Don’t Be Afraid To Look Like A Fool

Hey, man, we’re all freakin humans, here. We are derived from a freakin monkey, that probably (… no, it’s, a fact), most definitely scratched their butts and fingered their noses out in public! Heck, even I do that sometimes, okay? causeimeanwhennaturecalls, but point is, we as a group are just… really funny looking. And when you start to expose yourself in that way, people will notice. Why? Because they can see that you are vulnerable, anxious, and imperfectly human, just like them. :+1:t5:

TL;DR We all look stupid. Put that video you worked hard on up… stop looking for innuendos. Besides, if the video’s feedback is negative to you, you can always delete it!

But no one can escape the internet forever. Beyoncè tried to take down this photo but, my golly, it still exists.

Beyoncè's Oh So Scandalous Photo

That’s all for now! I’m a bit burned out cause this literally took me an hour to write and I have never typed SO much, with my f**king THUMBS. Take what you can from this. I know you all may not make the type of videos that I do, but it’s all I’ve got :woman_shrugging:t5: .
As always,
Be strong, young padawan. :pray:t5:


Thanks for this! It’s cool to see other people’s creative processes! The mind is an enigma!


tenor (8)


Love looking into your creative thoughts. I definitely agree with everything you’ve mentioned– especially the last one haha. I posted a video yesterday trying something dumb (that didn’t go as planned) and it actually turned out really funny that way!


Why, thanks, bud :+1:t5: I’m glad it worked out for you. It makes you a better creator. :beers: