A Binge Watching feature for v2

Huge social media outlets have auto play features such as Netflix and YouTube and now with Instagram having a way to binge watch videos that appeal to you. Yes the looping feature was unique with vines and I still think we should keep that, but if I find an account and I just want to binge watch all of his/her v2 posts then there should be a “compilation button” on the profile or something. Idk just a thought with this new binge watching era, what do you think @dom and everyone else?


Hey Man! They kind of talked about this here:

(I know it says trending meme in the title, but the comments to this relate much better :wink:)

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Thanks man :+1:t2:

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Or you can just get in their profile on scroll up or down :vine: :blep:

If I’m not mistaken Vine did have an auto play feature at one point. I could be dreaming and living in fantasy land right now. I would like to see it brought back if it was and implemented as a new feature if it was not. The ability to just play a category such as comedy or popular or even someone’s page is a simple idea to me & boy do people love anything that might make something simpler.