A big thank you

Can we all just take one second of our time and just thank dom (and other working on v2) for bringing back one of the internets greatest social media platform like forrealz thank you I was getting tired of entertaining myself with youtube drama lol


A fresh start is always nice.

Amen to that! I am so glad this platform is making a return. I found it late but immediately fell it love with it. Sadly I never got to do anything with it before it was gone. I feel like this is my chance.

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When Vine came out I had no means of getting it, but all my friends did. It eventually shut down and I missed my chance entirely to enjoy the platform, even though all my friends had it. Iā€™m so excited and thankful that @dom is working so hard to bring back something even better!

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I am excited to see what value we can bring to people via v2.