A 5 star rating system, like the old YouTube

It would be neat to see a rating system of videos based off of stars; I wouldn’t know how it would follow through in the app itself but it could give a more accurate description of what others think of a video.


this is interesting.


That actually sounds dope.

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I prefer a like/dislike rating system, but that’s just me.


I like the idea of seeing a better look at what people think of a video but I think as a user it’s easier to just thumbs up and thumbs down.


I think the way Facebook handles likes/feedback is one of the best currently. It’s just an emote, that is just vague enough to force positivity.


Facebook has those different reactions for a post, but I’m not sure if that would be optimal for V2

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That be nice.

I do like the idea of the stars although I’m guessing there’s a reason youtube got rid of them for like/dislikes

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Yes! People can still like and dislike, but based on those numbers, the video receives a certain star rating. I love it!

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Wouldn’t that make it hard to get 5 stars, though? Besides that, I feel like adding a third “Keep it up” option would encourage a user to start a series based on those responses


@REFA agreed
Like/Dislike is best
Star ratings will undoubtedly cause friction between users, and has potential for abuse

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Users just rated 1 star to stuff they disliked and 5 stars to stuff they liked. The nuance of 2-4 stars wasn’t fitting for the typical viewer, as it was much more encouraged to rate what you found entertaining 5 stars to support the video and what you found offensive or unenjoyable 1 stars. People didn’t bother rating mediocre content that else would have gotten a 3 star rating , they would simply jump to the next video.


Why bother with stars and not just have a percentage bar like YouTube?

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It’s a change. Refreshing. Something that hasn’t been heard of recently. Isn’t the goal of new apps to be as different and original as possible? (I have no studies to back this up, but it’s seems logical :smiley: )


The like and dislike function seems better because a star rating reminds of buying products not watching content

i honestly don’t know how i feel about this. From a creating standpoint it would be amazing to see how the community reacts to your work! But, it is also very very easy for someone to give a little cash to a third party website to use bots to spam it with 5 star ratings, giving us a false hope of accomplishment.

While stars may seem appealing to you, a simple bar would be easier to read and much more scaleable for readability on smaller platforms.

If V2 should just aim at being different and original, what about gamifying it? Let’s just add “Star Power” where users can click on a star as many times as they want to give the video “Star Power” and as it reaches new levels of “Stardom” the page will gain new glitter, colour and flair! Users who contributes to a videos “Star Power” will gain rewards for each “Stardom” level videos they have given “Star Power” receives. The rewards could be flair, glitter and colours on their personal pages and more “Star Influence” which increases their clicks contributions towards videos “Star Power”. Both artists and viewers will gain “Star Chests” and “Star Points” to spend on “Star Chests” which contain unique flair, glitter and colours. They will also be able to earn “Star Points” through donations to artists. What a game! They will also earn “Star Points” each time a user/video they have flagged gets removed or punished.


Instead of a 5-star rating or ‘‘only like’’ system, thumbs up / down would be more effective at determining about if a v2 (video) is good or not.


I like what you’re getting at, but I think the design layout might get to clunky, especially for a mobile app.