A 5 star rating system, like the old YouTube

I like this idea, but I’m not tryna have to click on 3.5 stars on a tiny phone screen when I think something is good but could be better or whatever.

Sounds cool.

This is a great idea. Instead if just liking or not liking a video you can sorta like and sorta not like a video and express that with a star rating system!

That would really help artist know what there audience likes

I think an upvote/downvote system like reddit is a great idea.

It could be called something like ‘Up Vine’

It’s a good idea but I don’t really like it because if you’re just starting off then it’s going to be 0 stars and people might be upset if they make a great vine and it’s 0 stars

I was actually thinking if this same idea right now! that way if there was a trending page like on this thread:, big Artists couldn’t really abuse it unless their Vine was really good!

I have an idea for how this might work. So, if you just want to give a regular like, you can do that, but if you want to go deeper or you want to “like it even more” you can hold down the like button and 4 more stars will apper next to the original like button. As you swipe farther, each star your finger over turns black. When you stop, the undarkened stars dissapear, and the dark stars becomes your rating.

Edit: Messed up.

i was actually thinking instead of a star, it could be like a vine or leaf or something?? ideas…

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but then again how many people are really going to want to do that…

rating instead of likes? goin retroooo i like


Completely forgot YouTube used to have the stars :laughing:


Like & Dislike is way more simple and quick than 5 star rating, especially when (I assume) we’re talking about really short videos.

hmm no thanks, i just want regular likes lol

IDEA: instead of clicking just a star for the rating, you could slide left and right to give it the rating you want. It’s easy and fun! :smiley:

What if a “trending” page or something similar that was based off a rating system (whatever it might be stars/thumbs up & down) to have it divided into location groupings like “worldwide” “country” and “nearby” ?

i feel like

would be too complex for people… Not in terms of use, but for simplicity

Good point, though I’d be curious though to see if there would be some way to have a somewhat location based system without overcomplicating like the snap map

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I personally prefer a like/dislike system, but that’s just me :slight_smile: