8 seconds? Please!?

  • 6.5 seconds
  • 8 seconds
  • 9 seconds

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Come on 8 seconds is literally 1.5 seconds longer than before. PLEASE. Omg. I’m not asking for 30 seconds, just 8. Eight. Come oooooon. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m happy with whatever so why not

What about 7.5? :sweat_smile:


Oh wow the votes are distributed very evenly as of now! I am surprised. I would like just a bit more time, but not to much. I just feel that since everyone knows that scripted videos will gain traction quickly, it would be beneficial to have another second or two

I hope it’ll be 8 seconds because then it won’t be exactly like v*ne

6.5 seconds is nostalgic, and many people have already made 6.5-second videos in advance for v2. 6.5 seconds was also the perfect amount of time to fit in many short videos that you could watch in a row.

I feel as though I remember the original vine’s limit was stated as 6.5, but was actually 6.8 seconds, but I don’t kow for sure


It’s the same for me, more time more content

6.5 I still believe is the perfect medium for this sort of thing. With competition like Insta video and facebook videos, I feel it’s best to keep Vine unique with its restrictive vine times!


Well the problem, is that if we keep adding time, the videos will last 1min and then it would not be v2 anymore, if you want to put longer videos, post them on instagram


No. Nobody is saying to keep adding time. This is an entirely new app, we can just add 1.5 seconds this ONE time and never change it again.

I want 7 seconds, people get there extra time and it’s different but it’s not that much longer half a second

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I agree with @DatKidMolly , 7.5 seems like the perfect amount of time.


That’s actually really true, but I some of us also want to feel the old Vine experience again.

Ultimately the whole point is to be short and quick. If you watch a laugh challenge, it’s the quick one’s that tend to get people since there’s not much of a buildup and the joke happens almost instantly. 6.5 seconds has already been said by @dom. I feel that’s enough time!

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Then it will be like oevo

I’ve never even heard of that😂

Keep it the way it was like in the good ol’ days!

“New app” is not a good reason to fix nonexistent issues. 6.5 seconds is the perfect time limit. It worked for Vine, so changing it will only change the nostalgic feel of the app.

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Fake V2 but people still use it and its 7 secs

Nah, I think we should stick with 6.5

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