8 seconds? Official timelimit or just a bug 🤔

Is this 8sec time limit officially permanent ?? Can we now create 8 sec byte video or its just a bug ??


Not a bug, it’s a new feature that they’re testing out. iPhone users are the only ones with it right now.


I just posted an byte of 8sec will it stay there even if they take out this 8 sec feature from byte ?

I would also like to know this

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I imagine it would however I remember in beta I used the pages feature when it was available and now that the extra panels are gone they make 0% sense lol

Yeah, I’m curious about that too…

Just want to add another question…I’ve posted two 8s videos so far and they had less than half of views/loops that I usually get. Are those 8s videos not visible for every user or Byte is not promoting them as much since they are still testing this? Idk…thought it was odd.

Dom stated that it’s gonna be a drastic change for the app as a whole so I don’t think it’s something that’s going away easily like a category.


Off topic question, does anyone know what’s going on with posts being hidden?
I uploaded a video and it immediately went invisible to comedy. The only way to see it is by visiting my account… any tips?

8s video or 6.5s? Cause I think that happened to one of my 8s ones…

5.7 seconds :rofl:

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Was it your new one? Because I saw that on the regular feed no problem.

it will stay at 8s. you can make them that long


Are they 8 seconds because a computer byte is 8 bits (and also for convenience sake)? If so, that’s kinda clever (even though people were making that observation a year ago lol

Most likely is. The computer scientist in me appreciates that

will it come to android as well on beta

Thank you for this information