8.5 Second Bytes

In my opinion, the time limit for bytes should be 8.5 seconds instead of 16 seconds.

Byte was originally going to be V2. However, that changed, and was now Byte. But I still really liked the 6.5 second time limit. I did like when they extended the time limit by two seconds, however. While it was still short, it gave people more time for their byte. But a little while ago, they extended the time limit to 16 seconds.

I originally liked it. But as time went by, I slowly enjoyed it less. The length of bytes are pretty much now the length of tiktoks, and Byte wasn’t supposed to be like TikTok. Also, I just liked bytes being really short. While they are still short, they are not near as short as they were before. I think 8.5 second bytes were the perfect time limit. 16 seconds just feels a bit long to me. Of course, this is all just my opinion. Let me know what you think.


We’re bringing this up again?


well tbh it makes sense because ta Byte is a measurment of 8 0’s that make up a word or storage in pc language. Thus bytes *seconds make up content! boom genius! Also byte is the person taking a byte out of a creators content if you look at the pink circle as a person with teeth. It could also mean Videos Looped.

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respect your opinion.

i need more seconds maybe 32 secs🤭


I’m conflicted. I don’t like when a joke is stretched just to fill the time but 16 seconds is so good for music, animation and dance bytes.

It was 8 seconds we had. Not 8.5 xD


Lots of people had said it was 8.5, so I thought it was. Also I actually kind of agree with your point of 16 second being good for animation, dance, and music bytes. But I think 8 seconds is just a better limit.

I personally think so too. However they’ve already said that 16 seconds is a test and they can change it back if they see that things aren’t going that well. They can see all the numbers. :eyes:

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Have you seen this thread?

or this one:

Yes I have. And considering that making 16 second bytes are now available to everyone, not just beta testers, might mean it will be kept. And lots if people are seeming to like it. So I just don’t think it will be removed.

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I personally think 16 seconds has helped the different categories have space to breathe. Just make sure to search old topics next time as the community guidelines suggest, then you’re more likely to connect with people talking about the same ideas.


I personally disagree, but I understand the preference. I’ll go even further and say a full minute would be acceptable to me if they announced the intention to directly compete with Instagram and TikTok. Right now, the apps are related but are for different audiences within the same field. I like the additional time to attract people who want it. It isn’t forced. You can still shoot at your own pace. Maybe Byte could add a feature where you can select the time cut off, kind of like how TikTok has 15sec and 60sec options to shoot in.

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I just thought of a good reason why bytes should go back to being 8 seconds long.

Byte will just not become popular. There’s already an app that can record 15 second videos (TikTok). With byte, making it 6.5 or 8 seconds, it could attract more people. I would love to see byte become really popular, like when it was first released. With bytes being 15 seconds long, it’ll be harder for it to become popular again. I know the 15 second bytes are just a test. However, it’s been a while since they were introduced. I think that at this point, they are staying.

They can see the numbers :eyes:. They might change it back in the next update. Who knows? :thinking:

I’m all for 16 seconds. It’s a bear getting a time lapse crunched down into 8 seconds. I would like the ability to double loop a byte beat vs the slow mo version though.

If someone makes boring and low effort bytes that are long, they won’t get the loops or likes they want.

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If they wanted to change it back, they already should have done so by now. It’s been over a month since the change. Reverting back would be met with the same, if not more, discontent as when it was introduced.

Besides, I honestly don’t see any sense in reverting it back. 16 seconds is the limit, not the requirement. It allows for all kinds of content with all different time lengths that all work just fine. The decision to extend it to 16 seconds was intended to encourage creativity, just like the rest of the byte team’s decisions. Reverting it back would be going against their code of “creativity first.”

One’s content should not be defined by its length; one’s content should be defined by its creativity.


Bump. I just really think they should go back to 8 seconds. It’s what made byte neat.

May I interest you on the reply above yours? It’s quite a good read actually

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Already did, and while I see what they mean, I just prefer 8 seconds. Again, it’s what made byte neat and different from all the other apps.

Ask for a video length filter in settings.